Note from Author: Six Acres has been reviewed on VancouverSlop before (review here). I really enjoy this place for snacks and drinks but not enough food for a meal.
Large beer list and a great atmosphere.

Guest Blogger from New York.

My overall impression was ok, ambiance and space was good, people good mix. food was decent, but can't really pin point the root / inspiration... chicken tacos, then spicy rustic italian sausage, then middle eastern plate with hummus... however there was the most amazing cheese on that plate... a feta from macadonia.... never tried anything like it before! they were sold out of the gorgonzola dip, which apparently is really good... LAME. always lame to sell out.

Great spot for drinks (beer in particular) i didn't really check how extensive their selection was though. i had a nice glass of red wine and then this interesting drink, which was an apple-based liqueur from Scotland i think, then mixed with a bit of soda... nice.

Six Acres
203 Carrall St
Vancouver, BC
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Friend from NYC