A couple of great friends were moving out of town and to see them off we went to our favorite chinese spot in our neighborhood, Peaceful Noodle. We frequented this spot together many times and have ordered the basics to the obscure. Though Peaceful has a large menu we have tried a great part of it together. Being their last meal here at our favorite local spot, we ordered our favorite dishes.

A dish we always order no matter what is their Szechuan Cucumber dishes. So much flavor with tons of garlic & chili peppers. Also their Beef Roll has become one of our staples. If not the beef roll, we'd get the potato roll. Equally as good. Peaceful also has one of the best Juicy Steamed Dumplings in town and we always get one to share. To add some vegetables into the mix we got a plate of mixed vegi's and tofu. My buddy Chris loves the 1000 Chili Chicken which comes loaded with chili peppers. Not quite a 1000 of them but the peppercorns actually are what make this dish extra hot. It's not a true Peaceful Noodle experience without some noodles so we tried a new noodle for us. This one comes cold loaded with bok choy, crushed garlic and chili peppers.

As always the food and service was great that night. My friends are now in Calgary settling in finding new food joints in their new city, but still looking hard for a Peaceful Noodle replacement.

Peaceful Noodle Restaurant
532 W Broadway

Peaceful Noodle Restaurant on Urbanspoon



I love cupcakes, not the store on Denman because to me that place sucks but the dessert itself. My mom's butter icing cupcakes were the reigning champ until now.

After hearing a few recommendations, I got to try the cupcakes at Kreation Artisan Bakery located on Cambie and 17th. These things are amazing. The icing may look hard and super sweet in the picture but it is soft and soo dam tasty. I am sure real raspberries were used to make the icing. I can't explain it but it was soo freakishly good. The cake was incredibly moist with a fantastic chocolate flavour. They were $2.50 each, which maybe more than your grocery store cupcake but these things are soo dam good.

Best served at room temperature.

Kreation Artisan Bakery
3357 Cambie Street
Vancouver BC
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Where Aurora Bistro once lived now sits a new place called the Wallflower. The name draws reference to the best things in life are not necessarily noticed at first.

The atmosphere is decent, plywood sheets line the walls, a plasma TV is situated on the wall behind the bar and was playing bad Sunday cartoons (those ones that neither the kids nor the adults like), and the owner was standing on a stool drawing a large fish on the chalkboard.

I went to the Wallflower on Sunday to get some food to recover from my previous late night partying. My friends were there already and had already ordered their meals. The menu seemed to have a good list of comfort food items (poutine, pasta, burgers, pot pies, sliders, etc) that were reasonably priced. The breakfast items listed were cheap, only 7 dollars (choice of an omelet, or basic breakfast burger or a basic breakfast). I was on a pie kick, so I ordered the beef, mushroom and pea pot pie with fries for 12 dollars and the other late comer ordered the grandmas fried chicken (12 dollars).

The chalkboard listed some drink specials and they were great, cheap like the Bourbon on a Thursday. Doubles were only 4.50.

The food was good. I was a little sad my pie wasn't traditional and baked in a crust, instead it was more like a stew on a piece of pastry and an additional puff pastry on top. It really didn't matter because I did the UK thing and spooned it all over my fries. Pie on fries rules!!!!!!!

My friend commented that grandmas fried chicken was decent but was pan fried, when she was hoping for a deep fried piece of meat. My friends' breakfasts looked good and was liked by all. My sample of the potatoes verified that they were super tasty. Some friends with a sweet tooth ordered the apple pie which was a whole apple, surrounded by crust and ice cream on top. They are labelling it as one of the best apple pies that they have ever had.

Overall, this place was solid. Well priced comfort food, in a nice environment. One hiccup during lunch was that one of our friends order was missed. Mistakes happen but there were only two groups in there so the circumstances were not much of an excuse. I will be back to try more items but I do have the feeling things will be hit and miss.

Wallflower Modern Diner
2420 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
Wallflower Modern Diner on Urbanspoon



I love sushi. It is tasty, usually cheap and doesn't contribute to my double chin or my ponch.

Sushi Aoki has always served my sushi cravings nicely and I am not the only fan as there are often lines outside of this small establishment. When it comes to cheap sushi there are many bad spots out there, it is definitely a buyer beware situation. There are only a few cheap sushi spots that I will eat at, and Sushi Aoki is one of them (the other Zipang).

They have one of those electronic, automated voice boxes that yell out "irrashaimase" when you walk in (similar to Konbinya downtown) and the sushi chef wears some sort of mask on his head, on this day he was Pikachu.

They have a good number of fusion pieces on the menu but I generally stay away from the remixes (I do want to try the godzilla roll, just so I can say GO ZILLA like I was in the movie) and stick to the negitoro, chopped scallop roll and tamago nigiri. All tasted great and fresh. No bad fishy tastes at all. We also ordered a large tempura which came with a few pieces of shrimp, and shredded deep fried vegetables which was an interesting alternative but I think I like the whole pieces of potato, yam etc better.

I also ordered a pork bun with mozzarella cheese in it. Not sure why I did this but it reminded me of chikuwa cheese from Gyoza King so I had to try it out. This combination was a little too crazy for me and made me a little sick.

Overall, Sushi Aoki is a great, small sushi spot. The atmosphere is not anything special but the fish is fresh. For those people who will only go to Japanese owned sushi spots, yes the owner is Japanese. Our total bill was under 23 dollars for the both of us, and we walked out pretty full. Check this place out if you live in the area and want some good sushi.

Sushi Aoki
1888 Broadway W
Vancouver, BC V6J 1Y9
Aoki on Urbanspoon


Little Szechuan or Golden Spring. The name of this restaurant is a little strange. The chinese name to this restaurant is 'Little Szechwan' (direct translation of chinese name to english) but their english name is 'Golden Spring'. Not sure why. I like the sound of the name Little Szechuan.
Regardless, my friends and I drove out to Richmond to check this place out and taste some spicy Szechuan style chinese food.

I felt a bit thirsty and ordered the not so common Yangjing Beer. All of us at the table are big fans of Peaceful Noodle's szechuan cucumbers so we had to try their version to compare. The cucumber dish was a little different from the Peaceful version. Less soy sauce but still lots of garlic and tasted great! The plate was clean in no time. We also tried this Cold Jelly dish that i believe was taro root. These slippery suckers were very tricky with the plastic chopsticks but once you got one in your mouth they were great.

For the main dishes we ordered the Fish Hot Pot and Spicy Chicken stir fry. Both dishes came on a burner. These dishes were amazing! Both quite spicy but in different ways. We took servings of the fish straight on our rice cuz the thick spicy sauce was so good. The chicken had bones so you had to eat with a bit of caution. The peppercorns made the dish nice and spicy that left a numbing feeling on your tongue. This was more of a dry dish but the meat was still juicy inside and had great flavor.

The prices at these small chinese spots in Richmond are always very reasonably priced and If you're not afraid of real spicy chinese food, take the trip out to Richmond. This is the joint!

Golden SPring Szechuan Restaurant
160-4200 #3 road, Richmond

Golden Spring Szechuan Restaurant on Urbanspoon



It 's back!!! After, I don't know how long, maybe five months, Congee Noodle House is open again. It doesn't look much different, some new cabinets, a fish tank, a new door and some new soya sauce holders. After talking to the waiter, I found out that the major renovation was the kitchen. I am still wondering what the staff did for five months. That is a long time to be not working.

Congee Noodle House is one of my favorite cheap Chinese restaurants in the area and is open late.

We got in the restaurant at 12:30am, and quickly ordered our late night feast. We ordered a half order of duck, an oyster omelet, spicy shrimp and a bucket of rice.
The duck (9.00) was nice and tasty, just as I remembered it, the spicy shrimp ($6.50) was tasty deep fried goodness, and the oyster omelet which I usually love was not as tasty as I expected. The oysters were really salty and I do not think I will order this dish again.

Overall, I am glad they are open again. I was getting worried. This is my favorite local spot for cheap Chinese food.

Congee Noodle House
141 E Broadway, Vancouver,
Tel: 604-879-8221

Congee Noodle House on Urbanspoon


My friend and I after a couple hours of work had decided to go eat on the Drive (Commercial Drive) and ended up in front of Marcello. We sat down to a simple menu that consisted mostly of pastas and pizza. We decided on the house salad to start, then the Spaghetti with Clams and the Fresca Margarita Pizza. The salad and its dressing was great! Real italian style salad. The spaghetti was pretty decent as well. The hilight of the meal was the Margarita Pizza that came with the bocconcini cheese! The bocconcini cheese layered and melted on top of the mozzarella makes this pizza way more cheesey without it being too heavy. Their pizza is a nice thin crust straight out of their weird looking oven in the shape of a large face with its mouth wide open. The prices were very reasonable for all items.
Enjoyed the meal with some wine.

I found the pizza similar to Lombardo's Pizza also on the Drive and later found out that there is a link between the two. Lombardo's was originally opened by a couple and after they had split up the husband opened Marcello. I was also told that the calamari is excellent there. Next time i will be ordering the calamari and the Fresca Margarita Pizza again!

1404 Commercial Drive

Marcello on Urbanspoon



It is not very often that when I try something new it leaves me with a long lasting smile on my face. I took a lazy Sunday afternoon drive to West Vancouver to try a meat pie and a sandwich.

Close to Ambleside beach sits a small bakery/cafe called Savary Island Pie Company. The interior feels like a country style cafe from the TV show Gilmore Girls. I even liked how our water was served in canning jars. One way to determine if a place is going to be good or not is how popular the cafe is, and this place had groups of people coming in and out the whole time we were there.

We ordered a slice of chicken pot pie served with a side of creamy potato broccoli soup ($11.50) and a chicken basil sandwich ($12.00). The sandwich had very intense flavours and was very rich. So rich that I do not think that I could eat one by myself, it is a dish better shared. And for 12 dollars, I do feel that it should come with a side soup or salad. I don't know how 10-14 dollars became the new price for sandwiches but there are many places charging this amount now.

The home made soup was great but the pie was absolutely incredible. The crust was light and flaky, and the filling was creamy and super tasty. A smile was preserved on my face for the whole traffic jam drive back across the bridge. A fantastic meal, if you like meat pies, I highly recommend you take a trip out here.

Savary Island Pie Company
1533 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604.926.4021
Savary Island Pie Company on Urbanspoon

Write this address down, you need to go try that pot pie. Next time, if I am ordering for two people I am getting one meat pie with the soup, and a fruit pie for dessert.


Avenue Grill

Here is a quick review.

Avenue Grill is a small spot located on 41st in Kerrisdale. They have a few unique items on their menu and the one that I really enjoyed was the cinnamon raisin french toast (12 dollars - comes with sausage. We added two poached eggs for 2 dollars more)! The frenchtoast is a fantastic idea and tasted great but it is a dish that is best shared. My eggs Benedict with bacon (12 dollars) tasted really good as well but next time I would order like it was dim sum. Share a plate of the cinnamon raisin french toast, order some eggs and toast on the side and get some of those potatoes and you will be in good shape.

They do need to give more potatoes with their orders.

From what I hear, this place offers good breakfast items but their lunch and dinner items need some work. My friends burger was sub par.

Avenue Grill
2114 W 41
Vancouver, BC
Tel: (604) 266-8183
Avenue Grill on Urbanspoon



One of the things that I have learned from my friend Josh was that it is OK to eat out everyday. I remember the first time I went to his apartment. His fridge had nothing in it except a Brita, he only had two cups but one of them was used to hold his pencils and pens, if you opened his oven you would notice that it was used to store his sneakers. The oven was never turned on for the 3 years that he lived in his apartment. In a way, this blog would not have been started without him.

Josh introduced me to Katsu Curry at Guu and Yoshoku-ya. I love the one at Guu but the one at Yoshoku-Ya is even better.

Yoshoku-Ya is a small restaurant located near the corner of Robson and Denman and serves Japanese style home cooked food as well as some Japanese Western food dishes. Looking in from the outside you would never guess that the Alsatian inspired architecure and dark wood interior with floral drapes and French post - impressionist artwork from Toulouse-Lautrec was a Japanese restaurant. Looks the owners bought this restaurant over and thankfully, just wanted to get down to business.

I have tried a few dishes here such as the oyster fry, the prawn fry and the steak but my absolute favorite dish here is the Katsu curry. It comes with a small salad that has a fantastic tasting thousand island dressing. The curry is rich, and has a slight taste of yam. It is fantastic. The portions are substantial, it has lasted me two meals but I managed to finish it all this time.

The service has always been decent but the female Korean owner has never been nice to me, she's not mean but not nice.

774 Denman St
Vancouver, BC
604 487-4970

Yoshoku-Ya on Urbanspoon

One cool thing, is that this Japanese place is open on Mondays (it does close early though)


The first Friday of every month the Ukrainian Heritage Hall serves perogy meals between 5-8. It is best to go early if you want to try this out.

We showed up at 7:30 and they were claiming that they were out of perogies but we stuck around and took our chances. In the end there was plenty for everyone.

For 11 dollars we got 8 perogies, 2 cabbage rolls, salad, and a Ukrainian sausage. A very reasonable deal. I expected to get some secret family recipe perogies cooked by Ukrainian experts and served with love from the motherland. However, everything was pretty bland (this feeling was shared by most of the table). The Caesar salad was horrible but that was expected based on its appearance, but the perogies and the cabbage rolls just had no flavour. Maybe it is because I prefer fried perogies more than the boiled one but I think all the attention to detail was lost in the mass production of the items. There were tons of half eaten plates all over the heritage hall.

The experience was fun but I wish the food tasted better. I am going to make a return trip to the take out side to make sure that it wasn't just an off day.

The take out menu is really cheap, a dozen perogies (pyrohy) for 4 bucks, a dozen cabbage rolls for 8 bucks. Check the website below for more details.

If anyone has been before, how do I get up to the VIP room on the stage?

Ukrainian Heritage Hall (Available only on the first Friday of the month)
First Friday of Every Month.
154 E. 10th Ave
Vancouver, BC

I think I am going to do a review of all the cultural centres.


Epicurean (as defined by their menu) - A devoted follower of Epicurus, the Greek Philosopher (341-270 BC) whose goal was the perfection of human joy through the cultivation of refined life overflowing with human pleasures of both body and spirit.

Epicurean is a small, little mom and pop restaurant located just west of Burrard Street in my favorite part of Kits (it is just too bad that it is only consists of one block). You can tell by the picture that the space is small but it is clearly a popular place on the weekend. I had to take a picture of the cute Japanese baby at the table in front of us..

The three of us all ordered breakfast items. Collectively, were ordered the Classico ($8.00 - eggs sunny side up, Pancetta, potatoes, baby greens and bread), Earthy breakfast ($9.95 - eggs poached in simmering Amatriciana sauce, topped with pork sausage, eggplant, potatoes and bread) and the Colazione romana ($8.00 - scrambled eggs served with bocconcino, tomato and eggplant, greens and bread). You can look at their menu on the website.

The breakfast was fantastic. Eggs perfectly runny, potatoes nice and crispy, salad fresh and clean and the pancetta was salty as it should be. I had a sample of the eggplant and it was also very tasty. The clear highlight of the meal was the toasted ciabatta bread (a highlight because it was that good not because the rest of the meal was average). The bread was warm, and so fresh tasting. I absolutely loved the bread.

Overall, I had a great meal. Good service, good food in a nice cute neighbourhood (note I have heard the service has fallen off a bit but on Saturday the service was very attentive). Try that bread!!!!

Epicurean Caffe Bistro
1898 West 1st Ave
Vancouver BC
Epicurean Caffe on Urbanspoon



I don't think that I have ever eaten General Tso's chicken but I still found this video very interesting. If you have few minutes follow this link and at least watch the first part of the video.



Campagnolo, which in Italian means "country bumpkin" is a new restaurant located on Main Street created by the owners of Fuel. Campagnolo labels themselves as affordable, casual dinning. The name to me is more associated with bike groupsets rather than food.

Initially, I really liked the look of the restaurant, exposed beams, a large window in the front, wood and concrete walls. From what I read and based on the location I thought it was going to be a hip eating spot filled with hipsters in deep V necks but it looked more a reunion party from the cast of Cocoon.

The seating was a little uncomfortable and felt like sitting in nice Ikea chairs. There was also some issue with the lighting, every once and a while, the lighting would dim or fade. It felt like you were in an episode of Lost. Once seated, our server gave us a few sticks of grissini or as everyone in the world outside that restaurant calls it, bread sticks. These were really skinny and tall, they look like Pretz sticks made for basketball players.

Looking at the menu, the prices seemed reasonable. We decided to order the pate for our appetizer (9 dollars). The pate was placed on our table and I sat there and looked at my friend. There was no bread. We waited 5 mins and still no bread. I was pretty much WTF!! We then stopped the waiter and asked for bread for our pate. The server said that they do not have bread at the restaurant but they will make some croutons for us. I was thinking little pieces of bread the size of dice were going to come out and I was planning to ask for the pate to go so I can make a sandwich at home tomorrow. Alternatively, I was going to make a run to the Ivanhoe and get crackers. Who eats pate without bread????? Some nice sized croutons or crostinis the size of half a piece of Melba toast came out a bit later (I am pretty sure she said croutons).

For dinner, I ordered the Tagliarini paste (pork ragu, basil, pecorino) for 15 dollars, and my friend had the pork roast for 17 dollars. We ordered a much needed side order of kale for 5 dollars extra. My face must have looked pretty shocked when I saw how small my pasta was. It tasted fantastic but I finished it, in less than 8 fork fulls. The side of kale was very large and tasted good. The pork roast that my friend received was very small (about the size of 1.5 smokies) and clearly needed a side dish with it.

In regards to service, it was good but I detected a little cheekiness for some reason. Maybe it was because we were just drinking water or maybe he likes his pate without bread and he thought we were uneducated.

Overall, I found my experience to be quite humorous and a little more expensive than what I would call affordable casual dining. Does anyone else eat pate without bread? Whats up with those dimming lights? Dharma initiative? It wasn't the bread maker causing a power drain, because they don't have one.

My pasta was really tasty but I thought the restaurant would offer a little bit better of a value. With your side dish, the price is pretty much the same as Fuel, although I was told it would be a bit cheaper.

1020 Main Street
Campagnolo on Urbanspoon

Sorry, for the crappy pics.


O-toro and I had the pleasure of attending Taste BC 2009 - A Celebration of Local Food and Drink. We had a super fun time and I walked out pretty drunk.

Click on the image above to see the VancouverSlop Review.


Right here in my hood there's a city staple for great breakfast called The Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe. I went with a bunch of friends that live in the hood but amongst them a good friend and his uncle that have lived in these parts their whole lives. Was nice to go with some serious locals.

The interior and atmosphere is the big draw to this spot. Every inch of the walls are covered with dutch souvenirs and photos of regulars who have been frequenting this establishment for years. Huge collections of beer mugs and wooden clogs. Lots to look at while you wait for your food to arrive.

The food is pretty good as far as breakfasts go. The portions are quite large and the food come pretty fast for how crowded this place is. We all got different dishes with 'speck' (a juniper flavored ham). I personally got the Eggs Benedict w/ Speck. The hollandaise sauce was good on the benny's and the hash browns were gone in no time. All the breakies are about $8.50-$10.50. I really liked how everyone's coffee mugs were different. The service is very friendly and added to the atmosphere of the place.

I have heard that this establishment is the original restaurant that lead to the chain of De Dutch Pannekoek House. De Dutch has some good breaky as well but can't touch the kitchy homestyle feel of the Wooden Shoe.

Dutch Woodedn Shoe Cafe
3292 Cambie St.

Dutch Wooden Shoe Cafe on Urbanspoon