Little Szechuan or Golden Spring. The name of this restaurant is a little strange. The chinese name to this restaurant is 'Little Szechwan' (direct translation of chinese name to english) but their english name is 'Golden Spring'. Not sure why. I like the sound of the name Little Szechuan.
Regardless, my friends and I drove out to Richmond to check this place out and taste some spicy Szechuan style chinese food.

I felt a bit thirsty and ordered the not so common Yangjing Beer. All of us at the table are big fans of Peaceful Noodle's szechuan cucumbers so we had to try their version to compare. The cucumber dish was a little different from the Peaceful version. Less soy sauce but still lots of garlic and tasted great! The plate was clean in no time. We also tried this Cold Jelly dish that i believe was taro root. These slippery suckers were very tricky with the plastic chopsticks but once you got one in your mouth they were great.

For the main dishes we ordered the Fish Hot Pot and Spicy Chicken stir fry. Both dishes came on a burner. These dishes were amazing! Both quite spicy but in different ways. We took servings of the fish straight on our rice cuz the thick spicy sauce was so good. The chicken had bones so you had to eat with a bit of caution. The peppercorns made the dish nice and spicy that left a numbing feeling on your tongue. This was more of a dry dish but the meat was still juicy inside and had great flavor.

The prices at these small chinese spots in Richmond are always very reasonably priced and If you're not afraid of real spicy chinese food, take the trip out to Richmond. This is the joint!

Golden SPring Szechuan Restaurant
160-4200 #3 road, Richmond

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