It is not very often that when I try something new it leaves me with a long lasting smile on my face. I took a lazy Sunday afternoon drive to West Vancouver to try a meat pie and a sandwich.

Close to Ambleside beach sits a small bakery/cafe called Savary Island Pie Company. The interior feels like a country style cafe from the TV show Gilmore Girls. I even liked how our water was served in canning jars. One way to determine if a place is going to be good or not is how popular the cafe is, and this place had groups of people coming in and out the whole time we were there.

We ordered a slice of chicken pot pie served with a side of creamy potato broccoli soup ($11.50) and a chicken basil sandwich ($12.00). The sandwich had very intense flavours and was very rich. So rich that I do not think that I could eat one by myself, it is a dish better shared. And for 12 dollars, I do feel that it should come with a side soup or salad. I don't know how 10-14 dollars became the new price for sandwiches but there are many places charging this amount now.

The home made soup was great but the pie was absolutely incredible. The crust was light and flaky, and the filling was creamy and super tasty. A smile was preserved on my face for the whole traffic jam drive back across the bridge. A fantastic meal, if you like meat pies, I highly recommend you take a trip out here.

Savary Island Pie Company
1533 Marine Drive
West Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604.926.4021
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Write this address down, you need to go try that pot pie. Next time, if I am ordering for two people I am getting one meat pie with the soup, and a fruit pie for dessert.