Where Aurora Bistro once lived now sits a new place called the Wallflower. The name draws reference to the best things in life are not necessarily noticed at first.

The atmosphere is decent, plywood sheets line the walls, a plasma TV is situated on the wall behind the bar and was playing bad Sunday cartoons (those ones that neither the kids nor the adults like), and the owner was standing on a stool drawing a large fish on the chalkboard.

I went to the Wallflower on Sunday to get some food to recover from my previous late night partying. My friends were there already and had already ordered their meals. The menu seemed to have a good list of comfort food items (poutine, pasta, burgers, pot pies, sliders, etc) that were reasonably priced. The breakfast items listed were cheap, only 7 dollars (choice of an omelet, or basic breakfast burger or a basic breakfast). I was on a pie kick, so I ordered the beef, mushroom and pea pot pie with fries for 12 dollars and the other late comer ordered the grandmas fried chicken (12 dollars).

The chalkboard listed some drink specials and they were great, cheap like the Bourbon on a Thursday. Doubles were only 4.50.

The food was good. I was a little sad my pie wasn't traditional and baked in a crust, instead it was more like a stew on a piece of pastry and an additional puff pastry on top. It really didn't matter because I did the UK thing and spooned it all over my fries. Pie on fries rules!!!!!!!

My friend commented that grandmas fried chicken was decent but was pan fried, when she was hoping for a deep fried piece of meat. My friends' breakfasts looked good and was liked by all. My sample of the potatoes verified that they were super tasty. Some friends with a sweet tooth ordered the apple pie which was a whole apple, surrounded by crust and ice cream on top. They are labelling it as one of the best apple pies that they have ever had.

Overall, this place was solid. Well priced comfort food, in a nice environment. One hiccup during lunch was that one of our friends order was missed. Mistakes happen but there were only two groups in there so the circumstances were not much of an excuse. I will be back to try more items but I do have the feeling things will be hit and miss.

Wallflower Modern Diner
2420 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
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Hot Tea said... @ February 25, 2009 at 9:12 AM

Seeing that I was a huge fan of Aurora, I checked this place out as soon as I could.

My friend's meal was great but mine was subpar at best.

No flavour, no comfort... it was just gross.

Anonymous said... @ February 25, 2009 at 9:42 AM

I had an awful meal here. I went with friends who said it was decent and I expected palatable food.
Soup was think cold salty grossness. Salad was awful and the fish and chips were greasy greasy.
I'll never go back.
I'm worried cause you also like Aoki and until then I was agreeing with your reviews 100%!!

Gyromite said... @ February 25, 2009 at 5:36 PM

Well, food is subjective. I have read some negative reviews on the place and some positive. Like I said hit and miss.

I liked my pot pie, especially since I got to put it on my fries and I liked Aoki's sushi. For that price point, I think Aoki offered a tasty roll.

Maybe we will see eye to eye on the next meal. Cheers.

Anonymous said... @ March 1, 2009 at 10:41 AM

Disgusting meal here.... everything was out of a bag or a box. The price was wrong, even for that crap.

Anonymous said... @ March 6, 2009 at 4:24 PM

Disgusting is a little strong, Hit or Miss is more like it, or Mediocre of you want to average things out. I had one decent meal here and one disappointing meal. Most disconcerting, though, not knowing what is homemade or not before hand. Second, trying to have a nice lunch with my boyfriend and being interrupted by the bartender watching the Batman movie from the 60s "hey, this is the funniest part" what? c'mon and get it together guys!

Anonymous said... @ March 14, 2009 at 7:07 PM

I have to agree that Wallflower has had some hits and misses. Having said that, they've only been open 2 months and are still ironing out the kinks. On one of my first visits I ordered the french onion soup; it was terrible. Unlike most patrons, I notified my server who notified the owner, who agreed that it was horrible. The owner called me last week to tell me that they had made some seriously needed improvements the the french onion and she asked me to return and give a taste. It is fantastic now.

I wish Wallflower all the best and hope that all you foodies out there that have a bad experience with something off any menu, you take the opportunity to let someone know. People don't fix things that they don't know about.

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