Next door to Vancouver Slop's favorite burger joint on W Broadway is a small Japanese restaurant called Dan. My girlfriend and I have been eyeing this place for a minute and finally hit it up for a nice meal. We stepped in right at opening (5:30) on a saturday night and was able to get seated. Luckily because by the middle of our meal the rest of the seats were occupied or had a reservation.

Greeted by the friendly service staff, they handed us their menu along with a list of daily specials. Both had an assortment of interesting sounding dishes, from fresh sashimi and sushi dishes to unique tempura dishes. They also have a special menu for import sake but we opted for some white wine and Asahi beer.

For starters we ordered the Red Tuna Sashimi dish off the special menu for $15. The tuna was bright red and reminded us of being at one of our favorite places in Kyoto, Japan. Next off the special menu came the Kinki Tempura served with sea salt. Kinki is not a typical fish you get in your typical restaurant but is always a treat when you find it on a menu. Very light and simple with a hit of salt, no tempura sauce ($7). Then came the grilled scallop and daikon salad for $11. Lightly grilled giant scallops on top of a bed of organic greens and thin slices of daikon radish. We also got the Ika Mentai (squid and cod roe) Isobeage for $7.50 which is a flash fried roll. Just a dash of lemon and that all you need for this tasty dish. For dessert we ordered some pieces of sushi. A couple of Tuna, a Sockeye Salmon and a Tamago. The pieces and sushi rice were great. Personally wasn't a fan of their tamago but would recommend trying some sushi from them.

Not your typical Japanese spot with your typical items. The prices are not cheap but not too outrageous. The atmosphere and service were great. I noticed that they have an Omakase (chef's selected course) starting at $50. This might be a good look.

2511 W Broadway

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shokutsu said... @ March 20, 2009 at 3:16 PM

Thanks for the report O-toro. I'd always been curious about this place, though its impossible to see inside from the outside the way their windows are so covered. I agree the Kinki is a nice fish, the tempura looks great color-wise and light. Did they happen to serve it with maccha-shio (green tea salt)? So good with that. The nigiri though looks less than impressive...

O-toro said... @ March 20, 2009 at 4:35 PM

the Kinki was nice and light. they served it with some fine sea salt. but green salt would be great!
the nigiri sushi wasn't the best but the shari (sushi rice) was good.
most of the regulars were enjoying some sake and letting the chef serve some creative dishes.

Unknown said... @ March 24, 2009 at 9:02 AM

Great place...I never go often enough. Very Japanese.

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