Minerva's Pizza and Steak House.

I enjoy Greek food. When I lived in the West End I used to get take out from Stephos because it was such a good deal, however not a good enough deal that I would wait in that long line for. If I wanted to eat at the restaurant and Stephos was busy, I would go to Takis (two doors down) and pay a couple bucks more and have food of equal or better caliber.

Minerva's comes as a recommendation from a Vancouver Slop reader. It is located in Kerrisdale and the price point was a little higher than I expected but the meal did live up to its price tag. I ordered the Beef Souvlaki ($18.00) and my friend ordered the Minerva's Chicken ($18.00) The rice pilaf and Greek potato were the best I have ever had. The rice was so tasty and soft. I think it was made with butter, the potato was crisp on the outside and nice and soft on the inside. The meat was moist and cooked well. My friends claims her chicken was fantastic, she loved it.

Service was quick and friendly. Overall, I thought the meal was excellent, a little bit pricier than the Greek places in the west end but the food was far superior so the extra dollars were worth it.

Minerva's Pizza and Steak House
2411 West 41 Ave
Vancouver BC
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The easiest job in the world must be designing a logo for a Greek Restaurant, all you would have to do is write the name in that basic Greek font.