My friend Cherie and I have been trying to plan this Taco Tour for some time and it finally came into fruition. Our planning was ambitious as we hoped to visit five places but we only ended up visiting three.

Stop 1: Tacos Mexico Rico

Tacos Mexico Rico
Our first stop was Tacos Mexico Rico. If I remember correctly, a few years ago this place was located on Hastings, across the street from the record store Beatstreet. Back then I remember the tacos being really good but when they moved locations I was pretty sure they also changed ownership and the food suffered. We sat down and ordered a roast beef taco ($2.00) and a beer.

Cherie’s crazy points system:
+2 because it's a kind of a weird name...mexico taco rico? It makes me think of taco! mexico! rico! I dunno, I likee.
+5 for authenticity (though the whole placed reeked of dead leaves. barf.)
-1 for microwaving taco meat in a margarine container
+3 for serving beer!
-3 for serving room temperature beer
-17 no warning that the salsa would be so tear jerking hot, so nose running painful that it ruined the whole experience, and then offered water. Water. Really Taco Mexico Rico? Water won’t help the inferno I've just ingested. Water won't mask the fact that you've disguised an evil bowl of pain and death as an innocent looking garnish.
Cherie’s Overall score: -12 (barely)

Vancouver Slop (Matt)
Seeing things come out of a microwave in no name brand margarine containers was a really sad sight to see. I was a little concerned how many times that yellow, cheap plastic container went in and out of that microwave. The taco was fairly bland so we added the salsa which was straight fire, pretty much the hottest thing that I could imagine. My stomach felt really sick and my mouth was burning the whole time. I walked out unhappy and my stomach walked out upset. Not returning because it was wiggity wiggity wack.

Tacos Mexico Rico
309 W Pender Street
Vancouver BC

Tacos Mexico Rico on Urbanspoon

Stop 2 - El Taco

El Taco

This little spot on Davie was our second stop. I decided to change things up a bit and have a shrimp taco ($4.00), which was quite tasty. I ordered us a cup of horchata ($1.75) each to calm our stomachs down from our last meal at Tacos Mexico Rico.

Cherie’s crazy points system:
+3 for the little geckos stuck to the wall...mmm authentic reptilian health concerns all ova the place.
+6 for pulling off the shrimp taco...quite a feat in the world of 2 buck tacos
+7 for the Horchata (http://www.gourmetsleuth.com/horchata.htm)
-1 for being over 2 dollars
Cherie’s Overall score: 15!

Vancouver Slop (Matt)
The tacos were a little bigger which somewhat justified the higher price point. My shrimp taco was tasty and I was very intrigued by their menu. I will be back to enjoy a full meal at El Taco. There are many items on the menu that I want to try, including their tamales, nachos, and tortas. I hope this place lives up to my expectations on my return trip.

El Taco
738 Davie Street
Vancouver BC

El Taco on Urbanspoon

Stop3 - Dona Cata

Dona Cata The next stop on the tour was Dona Cata, which is one of my favorite restaurants in the city. The tacos are only two dollars and there is a ton of other good stuff on the menu.

Cherie’s crazy points system:
+5 for the awesome variety of sauces and the free chips...every 2buck taco joint should have free chips...but an assortment of sauces too? Too bad its way the f out on Victoria and 1millionth Ave.
+7 for adding pineapple to the pork taco
+ 10 for the awesome sangria pitcher under 10 bones
-25 Sorry Dona Cata, your location is sucks for me, since I rarely travel south of Cordova St.
Overall score: come downtown Dona Cata, come down...

Vancouver Slop (Matt)
Visiting these other taco spots just shows how good Dona Cata really is. The free chips, the assortment of free salsa available, the non micowaved food, and the fantastic flavours of the food and the drinks. The only issue I have with Dona Cata is its proximity to downtown (depending on where you live you may not share this issue). When I show people they always wonder if they are still in Vancouver. If you live close by, and you haven't paid Dona Cata a visit, go do so, you will thank me.

Dona Cata
5076 Victoria Drive
Vancouver, BC

Doña Cata Mexican Food on Urbanspoon


This is one of my favorite Japanese places to eat at. I occasionally order the sashimi, I never order the sushi but I love their grilled fish and rice bowls. This time we ordered the grilled mackeral, takoyaki (octopus balls) and BBQ Eel Don. The menu has changed a bit and I couldn't find the grilled miso cod on the menu (my past favourite).

The tako yaki ($5.95) was hot, and tasty. It had its usual interesting texture and a great flavour. The BBQ eel don ($9.95)was fantastic and the grilled mackeral combo ($13.95) also proved to be a fantastic choice. I really love this place.

This place is still a secret gem of Vancouver Slop and if you can get over the strange atmosphere, I am sure this place will be on your list of favourite places to eat.

- Best miso soup in the city.
- Best grilled fish in the city
- Craziest atmosphere (circular windows, mini golf and water fountains in the back)
- Pasta night on Mondays (never been but it doesn't interest me)
- Very interesting crowd at times

1125 W 12 th Ave
Shaughnessy Village Hotel
Vancouver, BC Canada


There are a few other Tenhachi reviews on Vancouver Slop, just do a search.

Tenhachi Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon


I took the afternoon off from work and went down to the Timebomb Warehouse to visit a few friends Gman (gmanandrizk.com), Bob Kronbauer (Vancouverisawesome.com and clubmumble.com), Randy Laybourne (lookforwardtothepast.com) and Jeff Hamada (booooooom.com) and Jennilee (www.jennileemarigomen.com). I am not trying to drop names here but these guys are doing some fantastic stuff and you should really check them out.

On this sunny Friday Gman was hosting a BBQ and later gave us a tour of his facility. When the grill and tables were being packed up, we suddenly heard the familiar sound of the ice cream truck. Staff quickly ran to the truck and Gman treated us all to ice cream (thanks G). I ordered a Spiderman bar (it was a poor replication of the web slinger) and the other highlight was the Sponge Bob Square Pants ice cream bar (this replication was better). The bubble gum on the eyes was the deciding factor for my decision. I seemed to be the only one that ended up with ice cream on my hands, I think it was because of my inability to be able to bite ice cream that made me the slowest eater.

I asked the ice cream lady about the music and she said she has four different sounds that she can pick from. We got to hear them all, they all suck, I would go crazy.


Anyone remember the ice cream skit by Eddie Murphy in Delirious?


Just getting back from a good trip to Japan. Travelled around a bit and ate a lot of great food. Of all the different Japanese foods, what i crave the most when i get to Japan is a good serving of hand made soba. You can find great sushi and most japanese food in Vancouver but you can't get good soba. 

Soba is a thin noodle made from buckwheat. This type we got is called Sarashina Soba which is more light colored because the buckwheat is refined. The outer shell is removed therefor you don't get the darker greyish color. Soba unlike udon, ramen or pasta is very high in protein. 

This day my good friend A5 took me to a good soba joint in Yokohama. We both ordered the "Oh-mori" which is the large serving for about $15. The soba was great and so was the "Soba-yu" (the water left over from boiling the soba noodles that you drink after your meal. rich in nutrients).

But the interesting part of our meal was watching the people that were seated next to us. A larger set man in a nice suit with a woman sit down at the table. Another man in a tracksuit entered along with the couple but did not sit down with them. But this man ordered for the couple and himself. Still standing. Strange? Looking a little closer, we noticed the sharply dress man only had 9 fingers. A few minutes later another sharp dress man walked in to join them. Finally the man in the tracksuit sits down with the lady and good fellas. 

After finishing our meal, we walk out to see a large dark tinted sedan parked in the middle of the sidewalk. The Yakuza still run things in Japan. Since these men only dine where the best food is served, when in doubt for a good meal in Japan, follow the men in sharp suits, big cars and at times a finger short.



Nuba Cafe
My time at the Nuba restaurant was soo good that I had to go to the Nuba Cafe the next day to have a falafel. The cafe was busy and I was eating solo so I just ordered a falafel to go ($5.00), and in about 4 minutes it was ready for me.

It wasn't enough for a full hungy man meal, but this 5 dollar, 6 inch, crispy treat really hits the spot, add a side dish and it makes a great meal. I loved it.

Nuba Cafe and Nuba Restaurant both get put under the "Recommended" label for Vancouver Slop. Go check them out.

Nuba Cafe
1206 Seymour Street
Vancouver, BC

Nuba on Urbanspoon

The biologist in me decided to take the picture with the ruler.


Nuba Restaurant
I have heard soo many good things about Nuba and even had a friend that worked there but unfortunately I never paid them a visit until now. My friends Vince, Daniel (El Kartel) and I decided to have dinner together and I thought Daniel was going to pick a taco spot but he recommended Nuba. Vince and I were game since we have not been.

I was expecting to find a small restaurant similiar to their Seymour location but their new space in the old Mouse and Bean is spacious and has a nice and clean atmosphere. Daniel sat down and the chef came out to greet him, the chef fixed up a fantastic appetizer (green pepper stuffed with rice and lamb) for us. In the end we ordered the falafel ($5.00 - secret recipe of organic chickpeas, fava beans, vegetables and spices), roasted potatoes ($3.50 - roasted with olive oil, sumac, herbs and sea salt) , hummus ($5.25 - organic chickpeas blended with garlic, lemon and tahini) and najibs special ($6.00 - crispy cauliflower tossed with lemon and sea salt).

The food was all fantastic. The falafel and the crispy cauliflower were both insane. I couldn't believe how good they were. I will be coming back forsure and hope to have a falafel wrap ($5.25) and walk Gastown on the weekend. I was told that the Lebanese owner was the only one who could make the special recipe falafel and he has to come into the restaurant at 5:00am in to prepare the falafel for the chefs. I guess he doesn't get to go on vacation much.

Nuba offers great food at an excellent price. Go get a falafel wrap to go or sit down and order a few dishes, make sure you get their crispy cauliflower, so good.

207 Hastings Street
Vancouver (The old Mouse and Bean)

Nuba on Urbanspoon


I don't cook much but I do get behind the BBQ from time to time. For the Easter long weekend, I put a turkey on the BBQ and invited a few friends over. The BBQ turkey takes about half the time to cook on the BBQ than it does in the conventional oven and the turkey is always super moist. I usually just rub the bird with some butter, garlic, salt and pepper and place it in a pan with chicken stock, carrots and celery. This 15 pounder only took two and a half hours.

I really want to try the deep fried turkey but I am scared that I will burn my place down. Apparently, there are a large number of house fires in the USA every year caused by deep frying turkeys and poor measurement of the oil and placing in a unthawed bird in the oil.



Favourite Things Under $6.50
Vancouver Slop's main focus is on local food products and all this blogging has forced me to take pictures of my meals and has all0wed me to create a large pictorial library of food and drinks. This is my list of some of my favourite things from Vancouver that cost less than $6.50, some of them offer great value and some are just really tasty. Here is part one, the second part will come after summer 2009.

Enjoy and please add your suggestions in the comments section.

Vancouver Slop Feature: My Favourite Foods Under $6.50



I had dinner with my friend Jeff Hamada. Jeff is the man behind the blog booooooom.com which I think has become the biggest Art blog in all of cyberspace. This man has really developed a following and has a great interaction with his readers. Go check out booooooom.com.

Back to the slop. Jeff got to pick the restaurant this time, so I ventured out to Richmond for our meetup. He picked a Vietnamese spot called Green Lemongrass. The service was great, the tables did not stink of old dish cloth. I do not have much of a barometer for Vietnamese food so I will use Jeff's description of "thumbs up" for the taste. I had the chicken skewers on vermicelli and he had the beef stew which I thought was an unusual Vietnamese menu item.

I am not going to write too much about it because Jeff already blogged about it. Click here for Jeff's review

Green Lemongrass
8180 Westminster Hwy
Richmond, BC

Green Lemongrass on Urbanspoon

Matt (feeling lazy today)


If you grew up where i grew up you could get a jamaican beef patty like a bag a chips. Coming home from school, I would get one at the Islington subway station for a buck and quarter, $1.75 with a cocoa bun. I would try and lie about not eating one to my mom who had dinner ready, but i couldn't hide the bright orange flaky crust that would fall into my scarf.

Here in Vancouver, where when i refer to beef patties most people think i mean burger patties, it's been more of a challenge to score, until now. I know this blog is supposed to guide you to the best restaurants in town but there are some gems that should not be kept a secret. Hibiscus Foods is a family wholesale business owned and run by Edward Chang who came here from Jamaica in '78. He worked in the car sales business for awhile but thankfully scrapped that and opened Hibiscus in 95'. Their specialty? Yes.. that's right...Jamaican patties. Beef, curried chicken, vegetarian, jerk chicken and spinach all for about 14 dollars a dozen. Just in case you are unsure, a Jamaican patty is a pastry that contains various fillings and spices baked inside a flaky shell, often tinted golden yellow with an egg yolk mixture or turmeric.(thanks wiki) Think a Caribbean pizza pop.

So there was this reggae jam that needed some food and i was connected to Edward who during his runs to his restaurants that he supplies to, delivered 7 dozen patties right to my door. Of course, I sampled one of the beef which i conveniently popped in the microwave for about a minute (i know, i know, i couldn't wait and i was at work). DANG!!! Simple, fresh, slightly spicy with curry chili and of course the perfect shade of bright orange. Ironically, in my shop was another Chinese Jamaican lady who knew of Ed Chang and his family. She enjoyed the patties as well as did the 100 people at the party.

Instructions: Take the patties and warm them in the oven until the insides are as hot you like them and serve! Add a little chutney if you like or you can get your hands on some cocoa bread then put the patty inside.

The sux part...Ed only sells wholesale so you have to order at least 5 dozen, which is not difficult considering you would want to try all the flavours. I only tried the beef and the veggie but can't wait to try the rest.

Hisbiscus Foods
#9 -1850 Kingsway Ave.
Port Coquitlam, BC
mama roma


Afgan Horsemen
I always ask my friends when we go out to eat if they want to blog, often they say yes and never do it. Here is an entry that I just received. Thanks, Matt.

Getting together with old friends for dinner is always a treat. Deciding where to eat is a bit more tricky. For our little reunion, we decided on Afghan Horsemen - a favourite of some in the group and a place of recurring first date memories for me.

Afghan Horsemen has been around since 1974 and is one of the first restaurants to serve Afghan cuisine in Canada. It's original location on W. Broadway has now moved to W. 2nd just under the Granville street bridge. The interior is warm and inviting with two separate dining rooms - a traditional Afghan dining room with low tables and floor cushions, the second room has regular seating. TIp for the boys, the traditional dining room can be quite a romantic environment.

Two of us got there early and scoped out the traditional dining room, however we were informed by the host that our friends (regulars and known by name) prefered the non tradtional seating area. No footsies for us that night. We started with some humus and pita ($5.50) which was nice and garlicky. Three of us ordered various shish kebabs (beef, lamb or chicken) from the grill menu ($18.95) that came with feta salad, baked rice, pakawra (battered friend potatoes) and chaka (yogurt dip). The pakawra is my favourite part of this dish - the batter is crsip but chewy and tastes great dipped in the chaka.

I have to say I'm a creature of habit and I tend to order the same dish everytime at specific restaurants for fear that anything other than the proven will lead to dissapointment. Our last friend on the other hand is a bit more of an adventurer. He decided to stray from the pack and order the Karahi ($19.95) - grilled chicken with tomatoes, peppers and a fried egg on a hot plate. Let's just say I enjoyed every last piece of pakawra while he watched enviously.

Overall the Afghan Horsemen is a reliable good meal with a comforting enviroment, however I find the prices at close to $20 per entree a bit steep for what it is.

Afgan Horsemen
#202 - 1833 Anderson St
Vancouver BC
(Just at the entrance to Granville Island)

Afghan Horsemen on Urbanspoon


Went with a friend to Burgoo and I asked her to write the review and she said yes. Here it is.

Burgoo is cozy, has that “home-feeling” with wooden décor, comfy seats and checkered napkins. And is always busy when you walk in. We got there at around 730pm and were seated at the last two person table.

We ordered the featured Sprung Salad ($6) to start; mixed greens, pear, Danish blue cheese and walnuts with honey lime vinaigrette. While the pear could have been sliced instead of cut into larger chunks, it was perfectly ripe, and balanced out the blue cheese nicely (although for some, I could see how the blue cheese may be too strong). All in all, I really enjoyed this salad; it was a really tasty mix of textures and flavours.

Next, we moved onto the Soup and Sandwich combo ($14), going with the grilled cheese with the classic pairing of tomato soup. This combo is perfect for splitting; you get two fairly large grilled cheese sandwiches and the soup is served in their Big Cup format. The grilled cheese did not disappoint, it was pretty much perfection; the bread was crisp and buttery and the four cheese blend of mozarella, gruyere, emmenthal and white cheddar is amazing. The soup was okay. It smelled a bit like canned tomato sauce, and sort of tasted the same way, but sweeter.

Finally, because we hadn’t had enough cheese yet, we ordered the Macaroni and Cheese ($9). When it arrived, it put us in a state of cheese shock, and with anticipation, we plunged our forks into the perfectly oven baked cheese crust. Our love affair ended with the first bite. It was pretty bland. It also smelled like pepper, and kind of tasted like pepper. The main cause of blandness would be that it’s made with only one type of cheese, aged white cheddar. So disappointing. They should try to make it with a cheese blend, like with the grilled cheese.

So, overall, it was a satisfying meal and a nice experience. And a lot of cheese. We even talked about ordering the cheese fondue, but that might have induced a cheese coma… although it could have been better than the mac and cheese. And it’s still the best grilled cheese I’ve had. I would go back; it is cozy, comfort food and there are multiple menu items I would be willing to try.

Burgoo Bistro

3096 Main Street

Vancouver, BC


Burgoo Bistro on Urbanspoon


Zin Restaurant
For two dollars a dish you cannot beat this deal. From March 16 to April 30, 2009, Zin is offering a special, all appetizers are 2 bucks each between the hours of 4 - 7pm (Mon-Sat).

The Vancouver Slop crew sat down ordered a few drinks and when the server came by we just ordered everything on the menu, which consisted of the following:

  • Mac and Jack - baked macaroni, mozza, cheddar, blue
  • Braised Short Rib Poutine - house cut fries, cheese curd
  • Chili Lime Glazed Chicken Wings - sweet and spicy marinade
  • Caesar Salad
  • Melissa’s Mini Meatball Sliders
  • Naan Pizza - spiced tomato curry sauce, onions, cheese curds, cilantro chutney
  • Corndog - Mustard and green peppercorn mayo
  • Truffle Popcorn
  • Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Yes, each dish was only 2 bucks. We ordered seconds on the chicken wings, and made sure there was an ice cream sandwich for each of us. The highlights were the meatball sliders, pizza and the wings. The caesar salad could have used a little more work, and I hoped for a little more truffle oil on the popcorn but that would have broke the bank. For two dollars a dish, every dish was more than an excellent deal, and it was fun to feel like a baller and just order the whole menu.

Go take advantage of this amazing deal while you can. Nowadays the only thing that two dollars can get you is four Ikea hot dogs. Roll up some change and go to Zin and order the whole menu.

Zin Restaurant
1277 Robson Street
Vancouver BC

Zin Restaurant & Lounge on Urbanspoon



Deacon's Corner

Deacon's Corner is owned by Educated Palate, the same three guys who own/operate Cobre down the street - Tyson Reimer, Jason Kelly and Stuart Irving. Tyson's grandfather built the original Deacon's Corner on the Trans Canada Highway outside of Winnipeg. It was a truck stop diner. Tyson's father and uncle grew up in it and took over the business when Tyson's grandfather retired. Tyson also spent part of his childhood growing up in the original Deacon's Corner. Just like his grandfather before him, Tyson built the current Deacon's Corner himself with his own hands.
(The above is information that was provided to me from Deacon's Corner PR person).

Deacon's Corner offers decent prices and large portions. One of my favorite things about Deacon's Corner is that you can add extras to your breakfast for a very low price. I took advantage of this feature and ordered a side of the biscuits and country gravy ($3.25) to my order (highly recommend). My two egg breakfast was good ($5.75), the eggs were cooked perfectly over medium as requested, the sausage was tasty and acted as a great addition to the biscuits and gravy. I think it is worth noting that the sausage gravy was amazing, it was stacked with pieces of sausage and was just the right thickenss. My only complaint is that I wish I got more. One major gripe my friends and I had was with the hashbrowns. To me hashbrowns can make or break a meal and these joints almost broke it. The hashbrowns had a strange curry taste to them, however the waitress said it can be potentially possible to order regular hashbrowns or just fries (it would depend if the chef had some unseasoned cut potatoes for the hashbrowns).

Overall, I am super excited about this place after my first visit, I just need to make sure next time I get different hashbrowns because I was not into these Bollywood remixed potatoes. I was however very impressed with their clean interior, excellent location, good friendly service, and decent sized portions. This could become one of my new regular spots for breakfast.

Deacon's Corner
101 Main Street
Vancouver, BC
Corner of Alexander and Main Street.

Deacon's Corner on Urbanspoon


Las Margaritas
Mexican food is one of my favorite types of food. Well let me correct that statement, Tex Mex is one of my favorite types of food. I love them deep fried and crispy joints.

Las Margaritas is usually busy and their menu offers a long list of items. This time I ordered the chimichanga ($14.50), and my friends ordered the flautas ($12.75), and the fajita burrito($14.25). The dishes come with beans and Mexican rice which I found to be a little dry, almost to the texture of couscous. I usually sub the beans for more rice so I cannot comment on the beans but my friend said the beans were good. My chimichanga was tasty, the outer shell could have been a little crispier but overall it was a good meal. The flautas were nice and crunchy and my friend loved his fajita. In the end, are there any deep fried things that are not tasty. I love them all, and that is why I love Tex Mex so much.

I have visited this place a few times over the years but I do remember in the past that the quality and flavours of the food was better. If I were to put Las Margaritas head to head against Topangas, I would have to give Topangas the edge as I do think it is significantly better.

Las Margarita's
1999 West 4th Ave
Vancouver BC
Las Margaritas Mexican on Urbanspoon



My relationship with Matt, founder of Vancouver slop, was born over a dinner at Guu and a conversation about colonics. My colonic doctor advised that I stay away from spicy foods. With that said, I upheld my friendship with Matt and lost the Dr.

If you've ever met me, you would know that my favourite restaurant in my home town of Toronto is Terroni (traditional southern italian food/see iphone commercial). Lucky for me, my dear friend Joyce visited me recently and with her brought a jar of Terroni's homemade pepperoncini (spicy chili peppers). Needless to say, I have drowned everything in sight from pizza to sunny side up eggs with these beautiful deep red ornaments of spicy goodness.

Too much to get east? Try south! Los Angeles has now acquired it's own Terroni which I have visited. Amazing! Terroni also made it to the top ten list as to why LA is better than New York (that's questionable).

My medical opinion...whether it's Terroni's own or an Italian jar from Bosa Foods, please keep your kitchen stocked with a jar of these spicy little devils. Put them on your pizza, put the oil in your sauce and add a little spice to your life!!

mama roma


To ensure Vancouver Slop is frequently updated I have asked my friend Mama Roma to join the blogging team. Mama Roma shares our passion for food, and is known in our circle of friends as the hostess behind many legendary crew dinners. She has introduced me to some of the underground eating establishments in this city, made the best lasagna that I have ever had and even managed to teach me how to make a fantastic bolognese sauce.

Please welcome Mama Roma. Here is her bio.

I was born and bread (yah, pun intended) in Toronto into the quintessential basement kitchen of my Italian grandmother. Every Sunday we would gather around Nonna's table to enjoy what had become normal to us; handmade pasta, well-simmered tomato sauce, braised meats, fresh panini, and of course homemade wine from Nonno's cantina. Now, whether it be over sunday morning dim sum or late night jamaican beef patties, I thrive on breaking bread with friends as I did with my family...buon appetito.

mama roma.


Kingyo Izakaya

I can't believe how many Izakaya's are in the West end. Guu or Raku was one of the first and now there are tons, many of which have some staff or some relation to the Guu group.

Kingyo is located on Denman and just a short walk from Guu with Garlic. It still has the regular izakaya feeling, loud, social atmosphere, and a large drink menu. As per usual, I ordered the Nama shibori wari (a fresh squeezed grapefruit and Japanese moonlight vodka), this drink is soo refreshing. The large house sake was only 8 bucks, a good deal for those who don't mind the taste of sake and want to get drunk. The two ladies and I ordered a wide variety of food, jellyfish and radish salad ($6.80), edamame ($3.50), ahi tuna carpaccio ($9.80), grilled black cod ($9.80), ebi mayo ($8.20), grilled duck ($8.80) and tan tan noodle($8.80).

Everything was a little more expensive than Guu but everything tasted great. My favorites include the ahi tuna carpaccio, the jellyfish and radish salad and of course the ebi mayo. I could substitute the Tan Tan noodle for another dish but everything tasted great. Atmosphere was nice and the service was great. The server even squeezed my grapefruit, at Guu this drink is more like Ikea and you have to do it yourself.

Kingyo Izakaya
871 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC

Kingyo on Urbanspoon