Afgan Horsemen
I always ask my friends when we go out to eat if they want to blog, often they say yes and never do it. Here is an entry that I just received. Thanks, Matt.

Getting together with old friends for dinner is always a treat. Deciding where to eat is a bit more tricky. For our little reunion, we decided on Afghan Horsemen - a favourite of some in the group and a place of recurring first date memories for me.

Afghan Horsemen has been around since 1974 and is one of the first restaurants to serve Afghan cuisine in Canada. It's original location on W. Broadway has now moved to W. 2nd just under the Granville street bridge. The interior is warm and inviting with two separate dining rooms - a traditional Afghan dining room with low tables and floor cushions, the second room has regular seating. TIp for the boys, the traditional dining room can be quite a romantic environment.

Two of us got there early and scoped out the traditional dining room, however we were informed by the host that our friends (regulars and known by name) prefered the non tradtional seating area. No footsies for us that night. We started with some humus and pita ($5.50) which was nice and garlicky. Three of us ordered various shish kebabs (beef, lamb or chicken) from the grill menu ($18.95) that came with feta salad, baked rice, pakawra (battered friend potatoes) and chaka (yogurt dip). The pakawra is my favourite part of this dish - the batter is crsip but chewy and tastes great dipped in the chaka.

I have to say I'm a creature of habit and I tend to order the same dish everytime at specific restaurants for fear that anything other than the proven will lead to dissapointment. Our last friend on the other hand is a bit more of an adventurer. He decided to stray from the pack and order the Karahi ($19.95) - grilled chicken with tomatoes, peppers and a fried egg on a hot plate. Let's just say I enjoyed every last piece of pakawra while he watched enviously.

Overall the Afghan Horsemen is a reliable good meal with a comforting enviroment, however I find the prices at close to $20 per entree a bit steep for what it is.

Afgan Horsemen
#202 - 1833 Anderson St
Vancouver BC
(Just at the entrance to Granville Island)

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