Went with a friend to Burgoo and I asked her to write the review and she said yes. Here it is.

Burgoo is cozy, has that “home-feeling” with wooden décor, comfy seats and checkered napkins. And is always busy when you walk in. We got there at around 730pm and were seated at the last two person table.

We ordered the featured Sprung Salad ($6) to start; mixed greens, pear, Danish blue cheese and walnuts with honey lime vinaigrette. While the pear could have been sliced instead of cut into larger chunks, it was perfectly ripe, and balanced out the blue cheese nicely (although for some, I could see how the blue cheese may be too strong). All in all, I really enjoyed this salad; it was a really tasty mix of textures and flavours.

Next, we moved onto the Soup and Sandwich combo ($14), going with the grilled cheese with the classic pairing of tomato soup. This combo is perfect for splitting; you get two fairly large grilled cheese sandwiches and the soup is served in their Big Cup format. The grilled cheese did not disappoint, it was pretty much perfection; the bread was crisp and buttery and the four cheese blend of mozarella, gruyere, emmenthal and white cheddar is amazing. The soup was okay. It smelled a bit like canned tomato sauce, and sort of tasted the same way, but sweeter.

Finally, because we hadn’t had enough cheese yet, we ordered the Macaroni and Cheese ($9). When it arrived, it put us in a state of cheese shock, and with anticipation, we plunged our forks into the perfectly oven baked cheese crust. Our love affair ended with the first bite. It was pretty bland. It also smelled like pepper, and kind of tasted like pepper. The main cause of blandness would be that it’s made with only one type of cheese, aged white cheddar. So disappointing. They should try to make it with a cheese blend, like with the grilled cheese.

So, overall, it was a satisfying meal and a nice experience. And a lot of cheese. We even talked about ordering the cheese fondue, but that might have induced a cheese coma… although it could have been better than the mac and cheese. And it’s still the best grilled cheese I’ve had. I would go back; it is cozy, comfort food and there are multiple menu items I would be willing to try.

Burgoo Bistro

3096 Main Street

Vancouver, BC


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Mr. Chips said... @ April 14, 2009 at 4:00 PM

the way they cut the pears for the salad is really annoying. the pieces look huge and cut like a 5 year old did it.

The Fledgling Basement Foodie said... @ June 21, 2010 at 9:41 AM

Mmmm, Burgoo. My boyfriend, my dad, and I went to the North Vancouver location yesterday for Father's Day.
I finally got around to ordering the Gooey Cheese Grillers and side salad. The salad was fresh and tasty, and not overloaded with dressing, which is a rarity in my restaurant experiences with salads.
Thank God for the salad or I think I would have had a coronary with that Grilled Cheese! So buttery, so cheesey. It was really good and I thought the open-faced spin was cool, but I just found it too greasy in the end. It was overwhelming. I would probably get it again, but my favourite grilled cheese is still my own.

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