My friend from London and his mom wanted to try the best Chinese food in Vancouver and they asked me to pick the spot. This was too much pressure for me but I figured Kirin was just as good as any other spot in Vancouver and the location was convenient (Richmond was out of the question).

We ordered the set menu which was 45 dollars a head. The first dish was the cold plate, and the highlight of that dish was the jelly fish. The second was the crab corn soup which came with its on candle to keep the soup hot, also tasting incredible. Next, a crab served in black bean sauce that was very tasty. After that, the last few dishes did not manage to keep up with the first few dishes. The chow mein was only just a bit tastier than what I would get at my regular take out spot and the prawns in sweet chili sauce were actually bland. The dessert was actually boring. I guess they impress you with the first dishes and the fillers just don't stack up. The good thing that none of the plates felt like they were packed with MSG.

The service was fantastic. Our dishes were served to us individually, the pace was excellent and they were very attentive to our needs. My UK friends didn't understand that the tip is not included and only left 10 dollars on the 170 dollar bill. I walked out with them so I would not insult my friends family but I ran back into the restaurant after to add some more money to the tip.

1166 Alberni St
Vancouver, BC

Kirin (Downtown) on Urbanspoon

I don't think Kirin is the best Chinese restaurant in Vancouver but what is? Sun Sui Wah?



I have been eating a lot of Western Japanese food lately and therefore had to make a trip to Barefoot Kitchen in the West End.

This is my second time going to the Barefoot Kitchen and the first time I was less than impressed. The food came at different times, wasn't hot, and the taste was just ok. This time things were a little better but I much rather eat at Yoshoku-ya, Tenhachi or Guu Thurlow.

I tried the shrimp and chicken au gratin served with broccoli on penne for $8.95 and my buddy ordered the shrimp stone bowl for $11.95. The au gratin was nice a cheesy but a little small and tasted fairly basic, similar to the dishes you get out of HK cafes. The shrimp stone bowl had a ton of shrimps but could have used some other ingredients such as some vegetables or an egg. Their set combos (not shown here) are pretty good because they come with a wicked selection of slides (rice or galic bread + yam or kimchi + sunomono or potato salad).

What was nice was my dessert. I ordered the green tea shaved ice for $5.50. There are not many shaved ice spots in Vancouver but if you want a dessert that brings you back to the days of snow cones at K -Mart or at your friends house you should try this spot. The green tea flavoured shaved ice was served with ice cream, red bean, and mochi pieces. RAD!!! Great as a sharing dish at the end of a date.

I don't ever rate places but if I did this place gets a 7 for a dinner. Although the dessert was nice and tasty.

Barefood Kitchen
1725 Davie Street
(604) 681-9722

BareFoot Kitchen on Urbanspoon



When I die I want to be reincarnated as a pig's belly so I can have the chance to bring someone as much pleasure as I feel when I eat the pork belly at Kakurenbou.

mama roma 

793 Jervis Street 
everyday 5:30-midnight

Kakurenbou Japanese Dining on Urbanspoon


Mama Roma just posted about the Argo Cafe and I went on the weekend to check it out.

Near the corner of Ontario and 3rd, you will find a place to pick up day labourers and the Argo Cafe. I could never go to the Argo cafe because their hours were always 7-4 Monday to Friday. However, a reader just sent me an email telling me that the Argo Cafe is now open for brunch on Saturday, so I was stoked to try it out.

The menu consists of brunch items only and all items are 10 dollars plus GST. We ordered the bangers and hash ($10), and the steak with two poached eggs ($10) and a side of fries with gravy ($2.50).

Before our main course came we got a baked grapefruit and a blueberry scone. I usually find grapefruit very bitter for my liking but in this case it was baked which carmelizes the sugars and takes away the bitterness of the grapefruit. It was a fantastic starter.

The bangers and hash was served with a chipolte hollaindaise sauce. The sauce was a little too rich and we all had problems finishing it, even though we all took turns having the plate in front of us.

The plate of steak and eggs was great. The cut of beef was not as cheap as I thought it would be and they cooked it perfectly medium as requested, the gravy was tasty and having some eggs and potatoes on the side made it a great first meal.

The fries are gravy are super tasty. The thin fries go down nice like McDonald's fries and the gravy is some sort of mushroom /beef gravy, that was a little salty but still tasty.

For 10 dollars the price was a little higher than I expected but the meal was still a good deal. I want to stop in on the weekday and get a 5 dollar burger.

Argo Cafe
1836 Ontario Street
Vancouver, BC
Tel: 604.876.3620

Anyone know the going rate for those day labourers? I could use someone to build some Ikea furniture, damn Allen keys and stripped screws.

Argo Cafe on Urbanspoon


Van-Ya is hidden Japanese restaurant I had never heard of until a friend told me about it. There are million Japanese joints in this city but not all are up to par with the food, especially sushi. So it's a risk to step into a new place to spend your money expecting a great meal. But my friend assured me that this place was pretty legit. Van-ya is a "mom & pop's home style" japanese restaurant. They call it "Japanese Mom's Kitchen". They offer an assortment of japanese food, sushi to tempura, ramen to grill fish teishoku.

There's nothing more like a Japanese Mom's dish than a Croquette Teishoku, so that's what I dropped in for. My friend got the Tonkatsu w/ rice & miso soup. Both were about $8. We shared a few pieces of Tamago Nigiri and a BC Roll.

Well, my friend was right. This place is pretty legit. Reminds of of Hachibei on 16th a little bit before they renovated and changed ownership. The croquettes were decent and the miso soup was pretty tasty. My friend enjoyed the Tonkatsu and loved their Tamago Nigiri.

The decor is pretty oldschool but they make it up in service. It's a nice family run establishment. If you're in the area go check it out for yourself.

5615 Harold St. (just off Kingsway)
tel: 604-433-1303



I was just informed that this month is Max's 60th Anniversary and they are celebrating. Everyday this month they will have sandwich of the day and that is 60% off. I got the toasted egg salad sandwich with a soup and it came to just over 5 dollars (what a deal). The soup was really tasty and the sandwich was cut into four pieces, just like finger food. My friends who ordered before us got their sandwich grilled and it came with cheese. Mine came with an extra pickle but it didn't come with cheese. I rather of had cheese, but oh well it was a good meal nonetheless.

Go check out Max's deli while you can still get the deal

Matt (I often go here for the open face turkey sandwich.)

Max's Bakery and Deli
3105 Oak Street
Vancouver, BC

Max's Bakery & Delicatessen on Urbanspoon


Bosa Foods
This will go on my list of favourite things under $6.50. Bosa offers a great variety of paninis for cheap ($3.50 - $6.50). The grilled sandwich is a perfect sandwich for when you are not too hungry and want a nice meal that won't put you to sleep at your desk. Lately, I have been getting the chicken cutlet but this time I ordered the spicy club for $5.95. They are not incredible but they are pretty damn good. A great deal regardless. Not many places to sit but you can always take it back to your office.

It is also a great place to visit if you are looking for European imported goods

Bosa Foods
1465 Kootney Street
Vancouver BC




Rather than try and psyche Matt out by suggesting a restaurant he hasn’t been to (it’s virtually impossible) I thought instead to introduce him to one of my all-time favorite dishes at Zakkushi.

I’ve been to Zakkushi several times over the past few years. I think it’s actually the first Izakaya I had ever been to – that curious mix of being seemingly yelled at (I’ve since learned its traditional greeting) and allowing one’s self to have faith and simply order the pictured oddities with gusto. You really can’t go wrong.

We both had cocktails – under $5, which is more than reasonable. I had the sweet plum wine on ice; Matt had a fresh-squeezed grapefruit concoction. In the past I’d tried the umeboshi sour, which is actually just very … sour (though the giant spheres of gelatinous plum are fun to poke with a straw if you’re desperate for distraction). Matt appreciated the ‘thimble-shaped’ ice cubes; I must admit that I’m more of a chipped ice kind of lady – how can I be sure that the thimbles are not holding back drops of my drink? I don’t trust them.

Zakkushi’s main focus seems to be its wide variety of grilled skewers. If money and time were not a problem I’d think going balls-to-the-wall and just ordering one of every skewer would make for a good time. It’s hard to choose. Each order contains two skewers, and most are under $2.00. We went with the P-Toro (pork with lemon), Aspara Maki (asparagus wrapped with sliced pork), and my personal favorite, the Cheese Yaki (chicken thigh covered in cheese). The cheese skewers are especially glorious because of the unapologetic inclusion of processed cheese. I appreciate all cheese, and feel that the low-brow processed variety is skillfully used here. An order of Chicken Karaage ($4.80) provides the protein push – coated, boneless chicken pieces deep fried and served with a house-special horseradish sauce. I especially appreciate the boneless aspect; it’s stressful enough eating chicken wings in front of people, it’s even more so when chopsticks are involved. Problem solved.

And now, the reveal – my favorite dish. Kimchi Mentai Yaki Udon is pan-fried udon noodles with cod roe and kimchi ($7.80). Not something I would ever order myself, rather, it was introduced to me by some friends the first time I went to Zakkushi. I was so blown away by the creamy, mild fishiness of the roe combined with the spicy, pickled kick of the kimchi. I order this dish every time I come to Zakkushi and have made a point of trying it at other Izakayas as well. Typically I do not share, knowing I will resent those who are sitting at my table for inevitably having more than what I deem fair. Yes, I’m a selfish person and yes, it’s just that good. My only comment is that the portion seemed a little smaller than previous visits – perhaps it’s recessionary.

RF (Guest Blogger)


823 Denman Street

Vancouver BC

Zakkushi Charcoal Grill (Denman) on Urbanspoon


The benefits of having unemployed friends is not just that you have someone to hang with on your days off but that they always know the best places to go for good cheap eats.

My favourite free bird introduced me to the Argo Cafe located in the industrial neighbourhood of 2nd and Ontario. Its been around for awhile but four years ago Denis Larouche and Kirby Wong took it over and turned it into the little gem that it is. The clientele; workers, non-workers, people who like value, good service and of course the fierce little waitress, Molly, who can remember your name after one meeting and make even shit on a cracker sound appetizing to any man.

The concept is very simple...classic diner. No, not the restaurant made to look like a diner but the actual diner, with diner prices but with food that doesn't leave grease stains on the side of your mouth.

Me...a burger. $4.00. Fried onions. $.50. Cheese. $.50. Fries. $2.50. Fresh. Classic. Good. The chili mayo adds a nice kick. Comes with a soft sesame seed bun and if you're really hungry, add an extra patty for a buck fifty.

Company...spicy lamb on rice. $9.00. Flavourful, filling and again, simple. Home-cooked tasting. It also comes with the options of noodles.

The food is presented well, simply but attractively, sort of a juxtaposition against the green linoleum tabletops and chalkboard menus.

It's easy to understand why the Argo Cafe, who's name has stayed the same because it was too expensive to change, is creating a little buzz around town. Linda, Denis' wife of 23 years, has spent even more years in the industry, working at The Teahouse and Season in the Park for over 24 years and 3 and a half years as the head chef at Watermark. Her husband Denis, who is originally from Montreal, spent some time overseas, Rwanda specifically, runs the kitchen. Kirby Wong, Linda's brother, runs the front of house (which is very close to the back of house) and Linda seems to oversee everything. Together, they customize in customer service. No attitude. No bullshit. Oh and get your own Coke from the front. Oh and you get soup with that. And a smile.

Linda sat with us while we ate our homemade rice crispy square and chocolate mousse. She talked about forgetting her anniversary....she's got a great laugh.

Argo Cafe
1836 Ontario Street
Monday-Friday 7am-4pm
Saturday - brunch (hours are being worked out)

mama roma

Argo Cafe on Urbanspoon


Guu with Garlic on Robson & Bidwell is now open for lunch!
They are only open for a couple hours a day for lunch (noon~2pm) everyday except mondays. They have a small offering of western style and japanese style dishes. The theme and concept is based around the "Kissaten" which is a japanese cafe.
On our visit the menu was in 3 parts. 
-Pork Tenderloin Cutlet Burger
-Chicken Teriyaki w. Egg Burger
-Vegi Croquette Burger

-Chili Prawn Pizza
-Scallop & Cod Roe Pizza
-Teriyaki Rice Cake Pizza

Noodles & RIce:
-Ground Pork Loco Moco
-Garlic Steak Loco Moco
-Cod Roe Salad Udon

I got the Teriyaki Chicken w. Egg Burger that came french fries sprinkle w. ao nori (seaweed) and a pumpkin soup for $6.80. 
My friend got the Pork Tenderloin Burger also the fries & soup for $7.80.

First bite, the over easy egg bursts and soaks into the chicken and bun. Amazing!
Yass the chef that day told me that they bake the "mochi" (kneaded rice) blended bun that morning. I think the original bun made the sandwich so great.
The large cut fries and pumpkin soup were very tasty as well.
My friend loved the Pork Tenderloin Burger as well.

For the $7~$8 range you can't beat this lunch! Oh and the draft beer was $3!!!
I can't wait to go back to try the other items.

Guu With Garlic
1698 Robson St

Guu With Garlic on Urbanspoon




My colourful haired friend is a Vegetarian so we took a trip to the Bandidas on Commercial Drive. I never knew how much I liked meat until I was at a place where I couldn't order it. The tacos came in a variety of fillings, walnuts, beans, tofu and yams all of which made me want more meat.

Being a person that eats out everyday, I don't eat out like most people. Maybe I am cheap but I usually don't order booze unless it is a Friday or a Saturday or a tough day at work. My friend order the tequila lemonade and I just had the water. For food we ordered the Laura May (3 for 6 bucks) and the Estelle (4 for $6.50).

The tacos were cheap but a little bland. It was hard to gauge for me being there was no meat. In the end, if you are down with vegetarian and vegan tacos this could be your spot. It was a busy Monday and service was nice but slow.

Bandidas Taqeria
2781 Commercial Drive
Vancouver, BC
V5N 4c5
Phone: 604.568.8224

Bandidas Taqueria on Urbanspoon


We got Tees!!! I have been asked about this shirt numerous times since it was first displayed at Pecha Kucha. This shirt was created by O-toro and is now available at Walrus. The Vancouver Slop "Ready To Dine" T-Shirt gives a nod to the Notorious Big "Ready to Die" Album cover and will be loved by both Hip Hop fans and foodies alike.

Click on the above image for a full pic.

This T - Shirt is available at Walrus located at

3408 Cambie Street


I am a lucky man. My girl got me a pair of tickets to the Vancouver Canucks 2nd round Game 1 versus the Chicago Blackhawks. To be honest, I'm not the biggest hockey fan but the energy and excitement around the playoffs was amazing! She also told me that GM Place recently put in 2 new food stands to add to their big selection of concessions. So I decided to take my camera to the madness and try the food at these new spots.

Southside Grill:
This one is a new gourmet hotdog stand that's located on the 100's level. They grill the buns and add grilled onions as an option to their hotdogs. $6.00 gets you a Jumbo Dog and $7.00 for the footlong. I opted for the Jumbo since i still have to try the 2nd joint. They have a pretty good size condiment stand next to the counter to load up your dogs. Copped a beer to make the dog go down for another $7.00.

This mexican joint was located on the 300's level. The menu wasn't too impressive with only 4 items; Beef Quesadilla, Chicken Quesadilla, Vegi Quesadilla and Nachos. All the quesadillas were $9.50. Since I still had a sausage of unknown meat digesting in me I ordered the Vegi Quesadilla. These were way overpriced for what you get, a simple flour tortilla with beans and cheese, some wack salsa and sour cream on the side.

The Canucks took this game and with a few stadium beer in me I forgot how disappointing the Mexican food was. If I'm fortunate enough to attend another game this playoff season, I will stick to the White Spot Triple'O Burgers for the same price as those sorry quesadilllas!

GM PLACE aka "The Garage"
800 Griffiths Way
Vancouver, BC V6B 6G1, Canada
(604) 899-7400



As a birthday present, I have offered to give Matt some cooking lessons. Not that I want to jeopardize how much he eats out and in turn blogs for vanouver slop, but to help him see the process of the activity we love so much from the grocery store to the dinner table.

Every so often on a Monday evening, Matt and I travel to the grocery store, argue about who's pallette is more mature and spend a little time in the kitchen, helping Matt learn the in's and out's of seasoning, baking, serving and being a good host. On this particular Monday, Matt prepared a tomato sauce with chicken thighs, peppers, garlic, onions, and tons of seasoning and love served on linguine. Along with a fresh salad of parmeggiano reggiano cheese and a simple olive oil/balsamic/lemon vinagrette, our favourite slop blogger pleased not only me but a round of guests who gathered for the meal.

Not only can Matt bbq a turkey like nobody's business, but he can serve a pasta dish and bottle of wine like a true gentleman..

Vancouver Slop, raise a glass...a new talent is born.

ps. watch out for vancouver slop jogging pants (see matt's pants) for easy eating.

mama roma


I let to bet on things once and a while. I decided to get cocky and bet Daniel from El Kartel that I would beat him at squash, I am not that good but I don't mind betting dinner with friends. I lose often and I don't mind paying up with a ten dollar meal.

So Daniel kicked my ass at squash and then decided that we go to Kingyo for a late snack. I did not know that this Monday was his Friday at work and he wanted to drink, plus it was eleven o'clock so I thought he ate already. We sat down and he ordered a ton of deep fried things, the snow crab spring roll ($9.80), edamame ($3.80), chicken karaage ($7.20), ebi mayo ($8.80), and chicken wings ($6.80). I was like this is going to be an expensive meal and then the Mexican decided to order a couple of pitchers of beer, and then large sake (umm its Monday, WTF). I was like, okay store owner, I am not that rich, we don't have to make the stakes this high.

The meal was excellent. The spring rolls were super tasty, the chicken karaage which had a juicier taste than the typical Japanese karaage, came with salt from the mines in Utah, Himalayas and Okinawa. The chicken wings which claimed to be spicy tasted more like it was seasoned with pepper rather than chilis, but still tasted good.

Daniel was nice and said I didn't have to pay for the 90 dollar tab but I lived up to my end of the bargain and paid for the meal. Next time I am going to challenge him at something that I know I can beat him at.

871 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 2L9
Tel: 604.608.1677

Kingyo on Urbanspoon

Matt - The one on the right smiling but not really smiling because I just saw the bill. lol