As a birthday present, I have offered to give Matt some cooking lessons. Not that I want to jeopardize how much he eats out and in turn blogs for vanouver slop, but to help him see the process of the activity we love so much from the grocery store to the dinner table.

Every so often on a Monday evening, Matt and I travel to the grocery store, argue about who's pallette is more mature and spend a little time in the kitchen, helping Matt learn the in's and out's of seasoning, baking, serving and being a good host. On this particular Monday, Matt prepared a tomato sauce with chicken thighs, peppers, garlic, onions, and tons of seasoning and love served on linguine. Along with a fresh salad of parmeggiano reggiano cheese and a simple olive oil/balsamic/lemon vinagrette, our favourite slop blogger pleased not only me but a round of guests who gathered for the meal.

Not only can Matt bbq a turkey like nobody's business, but he can serve a pasta dish and bottle of wine like a true gentleman..

Vancouver Slop, raise a glass...a new talent is born.

ps. watch out for vancouver slop jogging pants (see matt's pants) for easy eating.

mama roma


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