I let to bet on things once and a while. I decided to get cocky and bet Daniel from El Kartel that I would beat him at squash, I am not that good but I don't mind betting dinner with friends. I lose often and I don't mind paying up with a ten dollar meal.

So Daniel kicked my ass at squash and then decided that we go to Kingyo for a late snack. I did not know that this Monday was his Friday at work and he wanted to drink, plus it was eleven o'clock so I thought he ate already. We sat down and he ordered a ton of deep fried things, the snow crab spring roll ($9.80), edamame ($3.80), chicken karaage ($7.20), ebi mayo ($8.80), and chicken wings ($6.80). I was like this is going to be an expensive meal and then the Mexican decided to order a couple of pitchers of beer, and then large sake (umm its Monday, WTF). I was like, okay store owner, I am not that rich, we don't have to make the stakes this high.

The meal was excellent. The spring rolls were super tasty, the chicken karaage which had a juicier taste than the typical Japanese karaage, came with salt from the mines in Utah, Himalayas and Okinawa. The chicken wings which claimed to be spicy tasted more like it was seasoned with pepper rather than chilis, but still tasted good.

Daniel was nice and said I didn't have to pay for the 90 dollar tab but I lived up to my end of the bargain and paid for the meal. Next time I am going to challenge him at something that I know I can beat him at.

871 Denman Street
Vancouver, BC V6G 2L9
Tel: 604.608.1677

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Matt - The one on the right smiling but not really smiling because I just saw the bill. lol


Daniel Gonzalez said... @ May 14, 2009 at 1:14 PM

THANKS A LOT FOR DINNER AND PROMISE I'LL TAKE YOU OUT FOR DINNER SOON !!! ... oh we still have to do Don Guacamoles !!!!
and please save me one of those amazing tee's you're making !

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