So I am in Tokyo right now and I have found a little bit of time to do some blogging.

Tokyo is rad, pretty much an epicureans dream. Tons of drinks available in vending machines, lots of restaurants ranging from street food to fine dining and if the food doesn't agree with your stomach, the toilets here are amazing. The bidet feature on these toilets are incredible. It is a pleasure to have to go number two.

I met my friend Go at the train station and he took us to Negi ramen and we went down some seedy lanes to find what was ranked as the third best ramen in Japan by a local food crew called "Ramen Walker". The ramen bar was a shoe box. We had to walk up a set of super steep stairs to get to ramen bar which was about 5 meters in length. We picked our ramen from a machine at the entrance of the bar and ordered an alcoholic beverage as well. We sat down and gave the cook our tickets. He spoke some english with us and served us some udon hi (sho chu with udon broth - served cold). The ramen broth was thick and tasty with a fish taste to it. You could see a bucket of what looked like sardines and some large slabs of pork that were used for the broth. The ramen came quick served with noodle sashimi, boiled egg and two chunks of pork. I was pretty happy with my meal but it didn't really agree with any of our stomachs.

When we left, half of the restaurant had to get up out of their seat in order for us to squeeze by and get out.

I am loving this place . I just had the best toro ever!!!!!!! More to come later. I will find some fugu (blowfish).


Hapa Izakaya
Hapa Izakaya is no secret to most people in Vancouver. With two locations, it has been the izakaya of choice for many Vancouverites.

My friend put it best, Hapa Izakaya is a place you can take a date to, and Guu is like the spot where go after the third date. He has a point, Hapa doesn't have people screaming in the restaurant when you order, the atmosphere is a little nicer, and very attractive staff work the tables. This makes Hapa the Cactus Club of Izakayas. The respective patrons are quite different as well, I couldn't count how many Ed Hardy shirts were in Hapa that nigh, I felt the need to go home and get my Bedazzler so I would fit in. I have always thought the food was a little better at Guu and Guu was a significantly cheaper.

This meal we had with friends was expensive but I blame the sake margaritas and beer. The new items on the menu really impressed me, the short ribs are amazing, and the spotted prawns were fantastic. I know the spot prawn season is coming to an end but try and get in there and order the deep fried prawns they are fantastic. Also, the edamame has to be the best in the city.

Hapa Izakaya
1516 Yew Street (Kits)
Vancouver, BC

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They need more halfers working there. Someone get Kristen Kreuk there and I 'll be back every day.



I have only been to Browns Social House once but I thought this menu item was funny. Hair of the Dog - Granville Island Pale Ale and a side of bacon for 8 bucks. Does anyone ever order this?

The other thing that I have heard is that Browns was started by an ex senior executive from Cactus Club. When he opened the first Browns he took some of the best service staff with him. Eventually, the owner of Cactus was pissed and tried to hire them back at any cost, I heard girls were getting signing bonuses in the range of 2 -3 thousand to come back to Cactus Club. Pretty insane.

Browns Social House
3651 10th Ave
Vancouver BC

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Sometimes I can be an asshole to eat with. I can be that guy at the dinner table who says the food sucks after someone boasted about the restaurant. Usually I keep my filter on but sometimes the Asahi takes my filter off.

This day a friend wanted to show me a cheap sushi spot on the drive and I was like come on its going to be fishy and wack. She was persistent and we took a trip to Sake Maki.

The interior was creative. It must have previously been a Greek restaurant because the walls had resemblance of the Parthenon on it. The Japanese owners were creative and added some cherry blossoms and a painting of Mt Fuji to disguise the previous Greek environment and make it more Japanese.

The food. I was surprised, the sashimi was really fresh, it wasn't fishy, and the rolls were tasty. I even did something unusual for me and ordered a plate of teriyaki at the end to fill me up. Such a rookie thing to do in a Japanese restaurant but seeing someone order that sizzling plate just made me want to have one. For all you Commercial Drive inhabitants you have something good here in Sake Maki.

A recommended cheap Japanese sushi spot.

Sake Maki
1414 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC

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Here's a tip: Whenever one of your friends offer to take you somewhere for free...GO!!!

I was invited to go watch the Vancouver Whitecaps FC play the Toronto FC at Swangard stadium and was pleasantly surprised at the slop that was waiting for me.

Thanks to the Vancouver Board of Trade and the Bank Of Montreal, my amigos and me got to enjoy VIP seating right behind the net, $2.00 beers and a bbq that seemed to go on forever.

First course: Jumbo hotdogs...and a beer and a bag of chips.

Filipino bbq man after my own heart!

Second course: sirloin burgers with all the toppings, vegetable pasta sald, greek salad and a brocolli salad and of course, more beers.

VIP seating with close ups of all the players!! (oh yah and the game)

We drank ten beers...for $20!
The final - Vancouver won...whoo hoo!!! We were full and a little buzzed and had spent a wonderful summer evening watching the great sport of soccer. Although the free bbq is not available to all, the soccer enjoyment is and tickets are cheap.
Ironically, no one wanted our one extra ticket.
mama roma


Regal Beagle
Eggs are just like most of my girl crushes I love them but they don't like me back. For some reason eggs which taste so good make my stomach a little sick. This weekend breakfast trip took me to the Regal Beagle for their $3.99 breakfast special.

The problem with getting cheap things (wings, breakfast, burgers etc) at the bar is that you feel obligated to drink. So my breakfast this morning was ordered with a Caesar. The breakfast wasn't that big but it did the trick. It consisted of a pair of eggs, some toast, a few pieces of potatoes, chorizo sausage and a couple of pieces of fruit. It was pretty standard fare and worth the $3.99 price tag. I am just too weak to just order a cheap breakfast at the bar.

I still need to find a perfect cheap (under 5 bucks) breakfast spot near me, my favourite so far is Deacon's Corner.

Regal Beagle
2281 West Broadway
Vancouver BC

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Most people I know have done had a meal at Ikea at least once. I personally love their ghetto hot dogs for 50 cents, ice cream and that Almondy dessert is off the hook.

This time I went for breakfast, and we ordered the 1.99 breakfast (scrambled eggs, sausage that tastes like the McDonald's sausage and some potatoes), and the deluxe breakfast ($2.50 I think) comes with a pancake wrapped around some processed apples. We ordered an extra plate of potatoes with gravy to fill us up (highly recommended). The whole breakfast was less than $6.50.

As for the taste, if you like the McDonalds sausage patty you will like these sausage links, and potatoes were crispy and tasted like fries and scrambled eggs tasted like McDs as well. The pancake was pretty wack. All in all a cheap meal that I don't want to eat too often.

3200 Swedan Way
Richmond, BC
Ikea Restaurant & Cafe on Urbanspoon

The place was packed which means getting a seat can be difficult.


I don't have the chance to get down there and try it out just yet.
But the Guud people at Guu tell me, starting today they are adding 
a Kobe Beef Burger to their lunch menu.
For $9.80 including 2 choices of Fries, Salad or Soup it sounds like 
a very Guud Deal!!!
I'll be posting an official review along with a photo of it soon. 
(i hope)

Guu With Garlic
1698 Robson st.

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Vancouver Slop has entered a team in this weekends 4 on 4 hockey tournament. Come down and watch Vancouver Slop Shot eat up the competition. Hopefully, we match up against Vancouver Is Awesomeness and we get to kick their ass.

Realistically, I m just going to show up and my overweight body is going to be sucking wind while I will be trying to stick handle. I ll have a good dinner and beer.



Giuesppe's Bread and Deli
I love it when I find a dope mom and pop spot that serves good food for cheap. Giuseppe's is an Italian grocery store and deli located on Hastings just west of Boundary Road.

This little spot is busy at lunch but somehow we managed to get a table right away. An older gentleman, that I am assuming is Giuseppe came around and gave us some bread and poured a mixture of balsamic vinegar and olive oil for us to dip our bread in. I ordered the spaghetti with meatballs for $6.50 and my friend ordered the salad and the half order pesto linguine. I don't remember the exact price but I do remember that it was cheap, under ten bucks for her pair.

My plate of spagetti and meatballs was tasty and for $6.50 what a deal. Giuseppe came by again and gave us some cheese and some of his special sauce. It reminded me of the old SNL skit with Dana Carvey, "you lika da sauce? Sauce is no good, let me get you some more sauce". The sauce at Giuseppe's is really dope and has a nice little kick to it.

Check this place out if you are looking for a tasty cheap meal. Watch out as much as it is a hidden gem it does have a strong following and the waits can be long. I even asked Giuseppe if they would make a meatball sandwich/sub next time, and they said yes. I am going back for sure to try that joint.

Thanks to Jeff Choy from Vancouverisawesome.com for telling me about this spot.

Giuesppe's Bread and Deli
3596 Hastings St
Vancouver, BC V5K
(604) 299-2316


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It is not the skit I referenced but I found this one


Abigail's Party
The weekends mean I get to check out a few spots for brunch. This Saturday, a friend and I made a trip to Abigails Party. I have not been to Abigail's since the menu change but I have heard many good things from both readers and friends.

My friend and I had a seat on the patio and decided to split two dishes. We had the cinamon bun french toast ($10.50)which a touch doughy but had a great flavour, sweet and great for sharing (it might be rich for just one person). The other dish was Abbys English Breakfast ($13) consisting of 2 sunny side up eggs, fried tomato, bangers, hashbrowns, house made baked beans, english muffin and homemade HP sauce. This was a solid meal, the sausage was tasty and the HP sauce was great.

Overall, Abigails offers a nice patio in Kits with a tasty brunch. Everything is much better on their new and improved menu.

Abigails Party
1685 Yew St
Vancouver, BC

Abigail's Party on Urbanspoon

This brunch was much better than my recent experience at Crave.