Abigail's Party
The weekends mean I get to check out a few spots for brunch. This Saturday, a friend and I made a trip to Abigails Party. I have not been to Abigail's since the menu change but I have heard many good things from both readers and friends.

My friend and I had a seat on the patio and decided to split two dishes. We had the cinamon bun french toast ($10.50)which a touch doughy but had a great flavour, sweet and great for sharing (it might be rich for just one person). The other dish was Abbys English Breakfast ($13) consisting of 2 sunny side up eggs, fried tomato, bangers, hashbrowns, house made baked beans, english muffin and homemade HP sauce. This was a solid meal, the sausage was tasty and the HP sauce was great.

Overall, Abigails offers a nice patio in Kits with a tasty brunch. Everything is much better on their new and improved menu.

Abigails Party
1685 Yew St
Vancouver, BC

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This brunch was much better than my recent experience at Crave.