Hapa Izakaya
Hapa Izakaya is no secret to most people in Vancouver. With two locations, it has been the izakaya of choice for many Vancouverites.

My friend put it best, Hapa Izakaya is a place you can take a date to, and Guu is like the spot where go after the third date. He has a point, Hapa doesn't have people screaming in the restaurant when you order, the atmosphere is a little nicer, and very attractive staff work the tables. This makes Hapa the Cactus Club of Izakayas. The respective patrons are quite different as well, I couldn't count how many Ed Hardy shirts were in Hapa that nigh, I felt the need to go home and get my Bedazzler so I would fit in. I have always thought the food was a little better at Guu and Guu was a significantly cheaper.

This meal we had with friends was expensive but I blame the sake margaritas and beer. The new items on the menu really impressed me, the short ribs are amazing, and the spotted prawns were fantastic. I know the spot prawn season is coming to an end but try and get in there and order the deep fried prawns they are fantastic. Also, the edamame has to be the best in the city.

Hapa Izakaya
1516 Yew Street (Kits)
Vancouver, BC

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They need more halfers working there. Someone get Kristen Kreuk there and I 'll be back every day.