So I am in Tokyo right now and I have found a little bit of time to do some blogging.

Tokyo is rad, pretty much an epicureans dream. Tons of drinks available in vending machines, lots of restaurants ranging from street food to fine dining and if the food doesn't agree with your stomach, the toilets here are amazing. The bidet feature on these toilets are incredible. It is a pleasure to have to go number two.

I met my friend Go at the train station and he took us to Negi ramen and we went down some seedy lanes to find what was ranked as the third best ramen in Japan by a local food crew called "Ramen Walker". The ramen bar was a shoe box. We had to walk up a set of super steep stairs to get to ramen bar which was about 5 meters in length. We picked our ramen from a machine at the entrance of the bar and ordered an alcoholic beverage as well. We sat down and gave the cook our tickets. He spoke some english with us and served us some udon hi (sho chu with udon broth - served cold). The ramen broth was thick and tasty with a fish taste to it. You could see a bucket of what looked like sardines and some large slabs of pork that were used for the broth. The ramen came quick served with noodle sashimi, boiled egg and two chunks of pork. I was pretty happy with my meal but it didn't really agree with any of our stomachs.

When we left, half of the restaurant had to get up out of their seat in order for us to squeeze by and get out.

I am loving this place . I just had the best toro ever!!!!!!! More to come later. I will find some fugu (blowfish).


J-Free said... @ June 28, 2009 at 9:32 AM

I just came back from Japan about 3 weeks ago and went on a ramen tear. Must of been once every 2 days (which doesn't sound significant but compared to Vancouver lots). I'm not going to suggest where to go because I was wandering and you have a guide but try Kyushu style ramen, it's pretty different than the standard.

And if you see a pair of black/purple New Balance high tops bring them back for me in size 9?

Okay thanks bye.

Coco Cake Land said... @ June 28, 2009 at 9:15 PM

you lucky little dude!! have fun in japan. looking forward to reading about all the food!

shokutsu said... @ July 4, 2009 at 12:09 PM

Funny how they have an Ippudo NY sticker on that scale in the foreground. This wasn't an Ippudo outlet was it? Don't recall them being known for negi ramen. On first glance, doesn't look like one, just judging mainly from the bowl that is pictured here. But they have so many outlets now, maybe the "standard" has changed.

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