Here's a tip: Whenever one of your friends offer to take you somewhere for free...GO!!!

I was invited to go watch the Vancouver Whitecaps FC play the Toronto FC at Swangard stadium and was pleasantly surprised at the slop that was waiting for me.

Thanks to the Vancouver Board of Trade and the Bank Of Montreal, my amigos and me got to enjoy VIP seating right behind the net, $2.00 beers and a bbq that seemed to go on forever.

First course: Jumbo hotdogs...and a beer and a bag of chips.

Filipino bbq man after my own heart!

Second course: sirloin burgers with all the toppings, vegetable pasta sald, greek salad and a brocolli salad and of course, more beers.

VIP seating with close ups of all the players!! (oh yah and the game)

We drank ten beers...for $20!
The final - Vancouver won...whoo hoo!!! We were full and a little buzzed and had spent a wonderful summer evening watching the great sport of soccer. Although the free bbq is not available to all, the soccer enjoyment is and tickets are cheap.
Ironically, no one wanted our one extra ticket.
mama roma


DAN FONG said... @ June 20, 2009 at 8:23 PM

While you're on the topic of stadium food, Nat Bailey's Stadium, home of the Vancouver Canadians was recently voted as one of the healthiest minor league stadium food in North America


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