My good friend Shan and I decided to try Alpha Global Sushi & Bar a few weeks ago, a bit of a randomly located restaurant on the corner of Helmcken and Richards. When we went, it happened to be 20% off food, which is always a nice surprise. But since then, that 20% off sign has gone down....must have been a week long promo or something, too bad.

First impressions: the staff was cute and eager, they played good music, but the chairs could be a bit more comfortable, and it was definitely too ACed, such an artificial cold. Another nice touch is that on the menu, they list last week's top food and cocktail items ordered.

We started with the $6 pumpkin croquette, a deep fried kabocha squash and mashed potato croquette with fruity vegetable sauce, which was delicious surprise #1 of our meal; it was lightly breaded, piping hot (and retained it's heat quite well, might I add) and delicious (...and as a rookie, I forgot to take a photo before we started eating it, but it looked so good, we couldn't help ourselves!) We then moved onto the gomae for $4.50, which was just okay, kind of disappointing actually (and I have yet to find a gomae equal to guu's). Then, the six piece, $11 wild salmon sashimi, which was tasty and good quality sashimi in my opinion, melt in your mouth quality. Next up was one of the evening's special rolls, the avocado spicy salmon for $4.95; I'm a spice sissy (not being a fan of sweaty faces and runny noses while eating), so for me it was a bit too spicy, but otherwise great...a nice touch, and healthier alternative to full battered tempura rolls, were the sprinkled whole wheat tempura flour bits. Not yet being full and satisfied, we decided to take a chance on the $7.50 italian springroll, mozzarella cheese, fresh tomato and basil in deep-fried spring roll; mmmmmm surprise #2, it was so good, like a guilty bruchetta, but with more cheese and fresh basil, no dip required.

So, as we all know, anything deep fried is generally delicious, which is no surprise, but the pumpkin croquette and italian spring rolls were a fresh and tasty take on deep fried. I would recommend this place, it's moderately priced, and while the location is a bit random, it's not inconvenient, and the staff is really cute. And I will add it was nice to be outside after the AC....and, if you get take out (which I did from there last week, I don't recommend the deep fried items, why do they get soggy, even if you punch holes in the styrofoam)....

Alpha Global Sushi & Bar
1099 Richards St.
Vancouver, BC


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