I was asked to introduce myself, but I wasn't really sure what to say about myself in relation to food. Instead, I just started posting reviews. Matt reminded me that maybe that was a bit sudden for someone who had yet to introduce herself. So, in an attempt to be brief...I love food and could easily go out to eat every day. I accredit my love for food to my pops, who has always enjoyed preparing a wide range of cultural meals, and because of that, we were always trying new things. He even let's us pick out recipes for him to make (I love going through cookbooks/magazines - Donna Hay is a favorite); I do consider this lucky and spoiled. I like variety and think that texture and flavour are the two most important aspects of food, followed closely by presentation. I'm not huge on visiting ethnic restaurants, not being a spicy food fan (runny noses, sweaty faces, awkward)...but, Japanese food is one of my favorites. It's hard for me to not order multiple items from a menu, I like to try new things, and prefer to order appetizers, (sometimes a main), as well as dessert; go full out on the eating experience. I mmmmmmm audibly when I like what I'm eating, anyone who's eaten out with me can attest to that. I love that I have fun friends to enjoy meals with. I sometimes have a hard time being brief when it comes to food. I guest blogged twice for Vancouver Slop, and then Matt asked me to join the team, so here I am, two reviews in and with a late intro. D