Pied a Terre has been previously reviewed on Vancouver Slop (http://www.vancouverslop.com/2008/11/steak-out-pied-terre.html), but as with all good restaurants, repeat reviews happen...I simply make mention so I don't repeat what has already been said about it's background and ambience.

I will add that Pied a Terre is really a lovely spot, it is cozy, comfortable, and the staff is really knowledgeable (and quite tolerant of all our questions, which we seemed to have a lot of that night). We had to make reservations, as I tried to go there the week prior on a Wednesday and there were no availabilities until 930pm, on a Wednesday! Good for them for being so busy, and I can see why!

We were a bit indecisive with the menu, with so many good things to choose from, and I deliberated between a main or two appies, but two appies is always the better way to go, I like to try more than just one menu item. I opted for the Steak Tartare with crisp baguette garlic toast for $10.50 and the Salad Maison: endive, apples, bacon, croutons, walnuts, Roquefort for $9.50, while my friend went for the Steamed Mussels Basquaise for $11.

First came the bread stacked atop a spindle (an old metal stake receipt spike), which I thought was both cute and clever. Good presentation is important, and they definitely take care to present well here. The steak tartare and salad looked as though effort was taken in both the preparation and presentation. I can only presume that steak tartare is an acquired taste (or texture), but growing up in Alberta, and having a dad that would make us steak tartare had me wanting to try it. It was so fresh and full flavoured, with good sauce and seasonings; the portion was huge though, and definitely more than three garlic toasts could handle, and I had to ask for more later. The salad was perfect and beautifully presented, almost delicate; but this is a salad for those who love blue cheese, there are huge chunks of blue cheese and the flavour comes through with every bite, but is balanced out well with the apples (of which there were just the right amount), croutons, bacon, walnuts and endive (which is thankfully chopped nicely, because who really likes to eat a salad with a fork and knife?). My friend really enjoyed the mussels, which arrived steaming hot in their cast iron red pan, also a nice aesthetic touch.

Next up, dessert, a weakness of mine after every meal; how can you not? At $9 a piece, my friend ordered the Crepes Suzette, while I went with the Lemon Tart (which I will order any time it is on the menu, top favorite). Again, presentation wins; the crepes suzette, with their orange sauce, were accompanied with whipped cream served in a small lions head bowl, and the lemon tart came alongside creme fraiche, raspberries and a lemon sauce. Not being an orange fan (which for me, is so different than lemon), I didn't try the crepes suzette...but the lemon tart was AMAZING; the top was like creme brulee, it wasn't too lemony and the crust was perfect, I could eat a whole pie.

And just a nicety that I wanted to mention....I was unable to finish the tartare and salad (have to make room for dessert somewhere!), and I asked for them to be packed up. The server told me that they actually don't allow people to take the unfinished tartare home, I assume for risk of bacteria should it not be eaten right away, but in turn, they only charged me for a half order, which was such a nice and surprising gesture, I doubt most restaurants would do that!

I will definitely be coming back here!

3369 Cambie Street
Vancouver, BC


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Anonymous said... @ August 14, 2009 at 7:49 PM

those pictures are so lovely.

Anonymous said... @ August 18, 2009 at 6:18 PM

I'm always interested in French restaurants and this one looks lovely! I'll have to check it out now that it's easier to get to on the Canada Line...

Yummm said... @ August 19, 2009 at 11:49 AM

everything about it really is lovely

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