I would say that brunch at the Alibi Room is one of my favorites. Firstly, the patio is always sunny, so it’s a great place to sit in the morning or early afternoon. Secondly, they serve brunch until 3pm on weekends, pretty great when you’re hungover and a late riser. The staff is friendly, stylishly unique and have personality (don’t you find that at some restaurants, you don’t even consider personality, so it’s sort of refreshing when you even notice it). One time, the owner even plugged our meter when we were too slow to react to the meter cop heading down the street towards our vehicle, and then didn’t let us pay him back...nice, right?

Both times I have been there for brunch, I’ve ordered the two eggs (poached), toast (sourdough), and home fries (just the right amount of crispy!). So simple, yet so tasty, and under $10 (can’t remember the price to be exact, I think it was $7.95). The portion was just the right size, I was happily full (for a guy, you may need more to eat though), and I like that it comes with watermelon (in the summer anyways). My friends were equally satisfied with their meals: a tomato, spinach, and goat cheese omelette and the eggs, toast, home fries and sausage. Next time, I'll be more adventurous with my order, but it was nice to get a simple breakfast just right.

Tasty spot for a sunny brunch!

Alibi Room
157 Alexander St
Vancouver, BC
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