La Piazza Dario
I was going to let Mama Roma review this one but I think she is retiring from blogging. Mama Roma likes to do all things Italian, like play bocce, wear Prada, listen to Italian disco, watch Moonstruck and ride Italian bicycles, so we took a trip to have a meal at La Piazza Dario. La Piazza Darios is located on 12th Ave (Grandview Highway) inside the Italian Cultural Centre, where they even park a Porsche outside to show that they are big time. There are a couple of Greek restaurants that I know of that park high end cars outside as well.

The four of us sat down on their large patio and ordered a bottle of wine and an antipasto plate ($18 - serves two). Mama Roma was so excited that she said the bottle of wine was on her. The antipasto plate was pretty standard and Mama Roma claimed her Tortellini in Brodo ($6) soup was yummy.

For dinner we ordered the mussels (special for that day around $12), Tortellini Cardinal ($13), Manicotti Vegetariano ($18) and the Fettuccine alla Bolognese ($14). All the pastas were around the $15 dollar point which I thought was more than a fair price. The tortellini was OK but the other dishes were fantastic. The bolognese was absolutely amazing, I was freaking out how good it was. For dessert, a few orders of the tiramisu came out, which we all rated as just OK.

Overall, everyone was pretty happy. Pasta this good at this price point is pretty hard to come by in Vancouver. Usually, it is either the ghetto pasta that is already pre-made or you are at a fine dining spot paying 30 dollars. Even the major restaurant chains charge around 18 dollars for their pasta now. Mama Roma was really stoked, she ate Italian food, got to speak Italian with the waiter, and danced on the patio to Sinatra and even got a photo in front of a Porsche. I 'll come back to give this place another try to see if it as good as I remembered but I recommend giving this place a shot.

La Piazza Dario Ristorante Italiano
3075 Slocan Street,
Vancouver, B.C. Canada
V5M 4A3

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