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We managed to work it out with the Irish Heather and have a Vancouver Slop Long Table dinner. We have a few spots left, so if you are interested in having some pig with us then send me an e-mail and hopefully we have a seat for you.

BTW I am not paying for you.


Update: It seemed like everyone had a great time. There is something about breaking bread with 50 people on one long table that feels great. Good food and good company.


Deserts is one of my favorite lunch spots. I actually heard the owner say that I am one of her regulars. I've always wanted to be a regular, kinda like Norm in Cheers. (speaking of Norm from Cheers, why didn't they ever show his wife's face? That always bothered me.) There are two typical lunches that I normally order. One is the Chef Special which is two types of curries on a bed of rice with a half pita, for $6.50. On my extra hungry days I tend to add an extra samosa (great sauce that goes with it) which after taxes is an extra dollar. The second lunch choice is a Felafel with Tabbouleh salad for $7.75 (if you want just the felafel by itself it's $5.50). The felafel is solid isn't as good an Nuba's but it's a close second in my opinion. I never thought I would like Tabbouleh since I don't like parsley, but I really enjoy the Tabbouleh at Deserts. Maybe I do like parsley, it's a mystery that will never be solved.

I usually like to take pics of who I am eating with, since I was eating alone I took a picture of the samosa.

On a totally unrelated topic, I was at the Irish Heather's Long Table Series today for their turkey dinner (which was very tasty by the way) and I happened to sit beside another guy named Vince. Wouldn't it be cool if there was a long table series just for people named Vince? Actually that would be a very impractical and the novelty would wear off quick. At any rate here's a bonus pic for the Vince I met today.

905 Commercial Dr.
Vancouver, BC V5L 3W8
Tel: (604) 251-4171




We went to Social for a friend's birthday. It was my second time eating dinner there, the first also being for a birthday, and heard the chef had since changed; a new menu is always exciting. The atmosphere in the dining room of Social is nice; dark with moderate lighting, red walls, wooden columns, high, engraved ceilings and lots of seating (big tables and comfy seats good for dinner parties), it's also a fairly quiet atmosphere, which is good for chatting. They also have a lounge area downstairs. First up: free goods. These are always a nice touch, and a nice surprise. The server brought out starter veggies and chips, served in a mini clay pot with yogurt dip; really cute. My one suggestion would be to leave the chips out on the plate, they get soggy sitting in the dip. Next came an amuse bouche of beet puree with salmon, served atop of crispy bread and some sort of flavoured oil, it was really tasty; nice little treat. Bread with butter was served, and although some of the guests complained that the bread was too salty, I love almost all breads and didn't really notice this.

Up next: appetizers. We started with the Crispy Plate for $9, the birthday girl loves anything crispy, and this plate promised to deliver - chicken, fries, potato chips, and bread, accompanied with a dip. It's rare that you can say this, but it was too deep fried, it made you feel unhealthy eating it (not that deep fry is healthy, but this was something else). The chicken was all crisp and no meat, and the taste of deep fry was overwhelming, you couldn't really distingish one bite from the other. As for the dip, it was of the yogurt variety, which I didn't think matched the deep fried items in taste or texture. Pulled Beef Poutine for $9 was next. I love poutine, and this one was pretty good; the cheese, beef and fries were in good proportion to eachother. If anything, and that's cause I'm picky, the beef could have been a bit more shredded, some of the beef bites were pretty big, and it would have been nice to get some fry, cheese and beef in every bite.

Finally, the mains. I went with the Local Chicken with carrot puree, crispy dophinoise potato, new baby corn, glazed salsify and jus for $15. Quite the description, right? (I had to look up salsify, and for those of you who are interested, and it is a a purple-flowered, composite plant, whose root has an oyster-like flavor and is used as a culinary vegetable; it is also called oyster plant, vegetable oyster). The presentation was lovely and seasonal, the colours of fall. The meal itself was okay, nothing spectacular, but not bad....could have used a bit more juiciness in the chicken and a bit less savoury of a jus. Other mains that were ordered included the $20 Pan Seared Wild Salmon Salmon with local nugget potatoes, beets in different textures and celery foam, the $26 Queen Charlotte Halibut with clams, green onions, cauliflower stems, puree spinach and clam foam. Again, the presentation on both these dishes was amazing, beautiful colours and textures. I can't comment on the taste, but I do have to add that the flavour/smell of the clam foam was too much for the girl who ordered it, and she switched it up for the AAA Ribeye....

Service wise, they were on it and the food came quickly...almost too quickly, the table was a bit crowded at times, some of the plates could have been cleared faster.

As an aside, their Deli Sandwiches are really good, and huge.


So.Cial at Le Magasin
332 Water Street
Gastown, Vancouver BC

So.Cial at Le Magasin on Urbanspoon


Here's a post about soup after Matt posts about soup not being a meal. I'm not a big soup guy (I think I had too many bad Chunky Soup lunches), but I happen to go to Pane Vero one day and had their split pea and ham soup with a sandwich ($8). The sandwich is pretty typical but the soup was off the hook. Man thinking about that damn soup is making me hungry right now. I ended up going back to Pane Vero for a second time and I managed to get the same soup again, this time I just got the soup no sandwich (it comes with a great jalapeno cheese bun) $4.25.

Well I went back to Pane Vero yet again this time I got Country Chicken Barley soup.
Soup again was delicious. This time I spent an extra $1.25 to get an extra jalapeno cheese bun. I guess it's my way to make it more of a meal.

On a side note my brother is the biggest Seinfeld nerd when I think of that clip with Bania telling Jerry to go to Mendy's it always reminds me of him. When my brother was in New York he took a picture with a black and white cookie.

I'm going to try to avoid piggy backing off Matt's posts next time.



Pane Vero

952 Commercial Dr
Vancouver, BC V5L 3W7


My super foodie buddy and I took a trip to the UBC to check out the apple fest. Surprisingly, the place was super busy, mostly families but there were a few cute packs of girls. It seemed like a place where you could meet a really healthy girl with good teeth(an apple a day keeps the Dr away).

Admission was 2 bucks and the grounds will filled with tents selling all things apple, apple pie, apple cider, dried apples, caramel and candy apples, and of course bags of apples. It felt like a little bit of apple overdose, remember apple seeds have a little bit of poison in them (one of those things I learned from GI JOE). I bought a bag of dried apple chips (5 bucks) which were super and we got a pair of tickets for the apple tasting tent. There was also some beef chili that was stewed out of a modified jeep.

The apple tasting tent was fun but a little chaotic. People walking all different directions trying to get their fingers on some samples. My favourites included the senshu, yoko, and the Topaz. They also had the a new cross apple there named the SPA 493 created in Summerland, BC, I love the apple's clinical name and I am sure it will get some regular name once they have established that it is marketable.

We cut the tasting short to run to the parking lot to make sure we could buy a bag of the Topaz apples (6 bucks). They are amazing, and I have been sharing a few with friends and they all agree.

What is your favourite apple?

I generally dislike any apple that is waxed, the size of a softball, or is soft and mushy like a Macintosh. I prefer red apples to green or yellow ones. My perfect apple is red, fits in my palm nicely, firm, has a crisp bite, slightly chilled, extremely flavourful and a little tart. I found my new favourite apple, the Topaz (from Keremeos) at the UBC Apple Fest.

Here is some info on the Topaz.
Originating in the Czech Republic in 1984, this apple is a cross of Rubin (Lord Lambourne and Golden Delicious) X Vanda (Jolana and Lord Lambourne). The tree is resistant to mildew.

It is harvested in mid - October around Red Delicious time and will store until April in a cool dry place.

You can't but them in stores because there is only one orchard in BC, but if you get a chance to try this Cadillac of apples, please do.


The following came across my email and I want to help get the word out.

Enjoy a five course dinner featuring fine Filipino cuisine created by Chef's Tee-jae Conwi (Zin restaurant) and Charlie Dizon (formerly of Rekados). All proceeds will go to victims of Typhoon Ondoy in Manila. Split between Canadian Red Cross and victims in Makati, Pasig as well as in Marikina.

$40.00 per person Sunday Oct. 25th, 2009 6:30 PM
Zin Restaurant and Lounge

For tickets and reservations please e-mail tee-jae.conwi@zin-restaurant.com or call at 604-642-2282

Filipino Flood Victim Fundraising Dinner Menu
Zin Restaurant and Lounge

Kilawin Tuna Amuse Bouche
calamansi lime marinated ceviche

Suckling Pig Lechon on Salad
shredded roasted pork, crisp crackling
atchara pickled mango salad
Mang Tomas dressing

Hot and Sour Prawn Soup
tamarind sinigang broth, chili oil
straw spinach, okra and daikon

Veal Shank Kare Kare
slow braised with peanut sauce and achiote spice
jasmine rice and bok choy

Leche Flan and Rice Cake
Filipino crème caramel
rice pudding cake served with coconut ice cream


Today, I sliced up the matsutake, added some white beech mushrooms and some oyster mushrooms and fried them up in a big pan (supposedly they brown better if they aren't crowded) with butter and some soy sauce. The matsutake tasted great with a firm feel and a great aroma. The best of the bunch.

Soo good. Try it out.



I have a strong memory of me as a kid, alone, sitting in a car parked on the side of a road waiting for my parents for a few hours. Why was I stuck in a car by myself?

The story was that my parents went matsutake (pine mushroom) picking in BC and my mom got lost. So my dad went searching for her and left me in the car in case she found her way back and to prevent me from getting lost. All I remember was that it got dark, I waited for about three hours, and I really had to go pee. In the end, everything ended up OK, we had a bag full of mushrooms and all heads were accounted for.

I went by Fujiya the other day and noticed that they are selling matsutake mushrooms and felt the need to pick up a pair. I took them home and cut them up and made a dish my mother taught me, matsutake gohan (pine mushroom rice).

Basically add cut matsutake mushrooms, carrots, cooked chicken cubes, chicken broth, sake, hon dashi, and soy sauce in your rice cooker and hit cook. My mom would also add some Crown Royal for some reason. There are tons of recipes on the internet.

I tried the matsutake prior to cooking and they weren't as flavourful as I remember them to be. They were actually quite bland and a little firm. Either my memory is off or the grade of the matsutake was very poor.

For those who don't know, the matsutake mushroom is a delicacy in Japan and can fetch a really high price. These two mushrooms were just over 6 bucks at the store but a high quality matsutake can go for 2000 dollars per kg (according to Wiki).

They are a local product and are raved about in Japan so for those two reasons alone you really should try them out. One of those things that if you live in BC you should be able to say that you tried them once.

You could make the rice with shitake mushrooms or any other type of mushroom.



Hana - Investment Coordinator and Resident Deejay at Glory Days, Golden Girls and Blastramp

1. Octopus Garden - I know it's expensive but it's worth every penny, everyday is SADA-DAY at Octopus Garden!
2. Budgie's Burritos - Tortilla Soup!
3. Nuba - they have a magic machine that makes everything taste amazing.


One of the things that I have been trying to do is to connect Vancouver Slop with the industry in order to give our readers some free stuff.

The West Coast Chocolate Festival is giving away two tickets to their opening event "Salon du Chocolat". All you have to do is email vancouverslop@gmail.com with your favourite chocolate bar, or chocolate item and you will be contacted on October 13th if you are the winner of the pair of tickets.

Here is the details of the first event, check out their website for information on the other events.

Thursday, October 15th, 2009
Salon du Chocolat Festival Opening at Red Robinson Theatre (2080 United Blvd, Coquitlam)

New to the festival this year will be an exciting evening launch event that will showcase many of our participating sponsors, offer a vast selection of samples and tastings, as well as provide attendees with details and opportunities to purchase tickets for upcoming festival events. two tradeshows 1:00 to 4:30 pm, and 6:00 to 9:00 pm. $35 per person.



The Tipper.

I have been hearing many things about the Tipper, both about the food and the live shows so I had to check it out. I have been twice now and I have had a good meal both times.

They have some wicked specials on Tuesdays where you get a burger with fries and a beer for ten bucks. The fries are fresh cut, and are very tasty. My friend commented three times on how much he liked the fries. The burger was also impressive. For the price, it was a great deal. For those who don't eat red meat you can sub your burger for the chicken burger (which I prefer). Because you get a burger, fries and beer for ten bucks I thought I would order a side soup ($2.99). The seafood chowder was fantastic. I know I am not alone on this but I rarely order soup because the value sucks. A small mug of liquid with vegetables, and meat that doesn't fill you up, even when its meal size, why bother. Banyan from Seinfeld was right, a soup is not a meal. Trust me, forget about how you feel about ordering soup at restaurants and order the seafood chowder here, it is definitely worth it.

Back to the Tipper. This part of Vancouver needs a place like the Tipper and the local population needs to support this establishment. There is a large backroom where they often have live theatrical performances, and live music shows. Food wise, the Tipper offers a great value and provides a great alternative for that area. The ten dollar chicken burger, fries and beer deal is fantastic.

The Tipper
2066 Kingsway
Vancouver, BC V5N 2T3

Tipper - Restaurant on Urbanspoon


Sophies Cosmic Cafe was the first real brunch place I have ever been to. I drove out here in my 86 Corolla from Coquitlam when I was 18 to take a girl here for brunch, even in the late 90s this place had lines. Most people have dined here, and if you have not had a meal here, you most certainly have passed by seen the long lines out the door.

I met up with some old friends at Sophie's and I felt a little nerdy so I quickly took a picture of my food while my friends were preoccupied with the server. I just didn't feel like explaining why I take pictures of my food and that I have a food blog.

For brunch, I ordered the eggs benedict with ham which came to just under 10 bucks. I love the home style hash browns and their hot sauce is really tasty (not too hot). I kept eyeing the waffles that a person down the aisle had, and from what I hear they are spectacular.

In my opinion, Sophie's offers a very good meal but I am not sure if it is really worth the wait in line. There seems to be a line up all the time so maybe I stand alone on this issue.

Sorry, I didn't take pictures of the interior but think old Coca Cola signs, giant Mars bars, plastic fish and many other kitschy, cosmic items.

Sophie's Cosmic Cafe
2095 West 4th Ave

Sophie's Cosmic Cafe on Urbanspoon


A quick introduction before I start, I'm Vince otherwise known as that guy that knows Matt with the long hair.

Okay here's the run down: Pho Van, neon lights, check, TV playing Vietnamese variety shows, check, large ass aquarium, check.

This is one of my favorite Vietnamese restaurants, I pretty much go there once a week. The noodle soups here have good flavor, the lemongrass chicken is also good (but I found a better joint for lemongrass chicken I'll do another post on that one later). My favorite dish on the menu is the vermicelli bun (you have the option to order it with rice) hands down one of the best buns I've had with the exception of the buns I had in Hanoi.

In case you don't know what a Bun is, it's pretty much a big ass noodle salad topped off with deep fried goodness as Matt would say. I ordered the number 24 which has the bun with a spring roll and grilled pork for $7.40. I believe the full name is Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio but I just call it the number 24.

My girlfriend isn't a fan of Vietnamese food, but I got her into the Buns at this joint. We ended up ordering the exact same dish that night because we both didn't want to share. At least we didn't have to do that thing where couples swap plates half way through the meal.

It's not a first date spot, but a good spot to bring a first date to see if she's a gold digger.

Pho Van
3370 Fraser Street
Vancouver BC