Izakaya style restaurants have been the big dining trend the past few years.  This year has been about izakaya restaurants opening their doors for lunch.  Kingyo on Denman St. being on the top of everyone's list, they too have stepped into the lunch game.  As you would expect Kingyo to do, they've stepped up the game and is offering a tight little lunch menu with straight bangers!  Kingyo is not messing around here.  They've kept the lunch opening pretty low key but the place was a full house this past sunday.  

Japanese people love nothing other than a good serving of curry on a winter weekend afternoon.  So I dropped in for their Kanazawa Katsu-Curry.  In Japan, curry served in fancy restaurants always come in elongated oval shaped dishes, not round ones (I don't know why).  My curry dish with pickles and cabbage on the side, good size pork cutlet on top of dark rich curry over rice all served in an oval dish reminded me of fancy outings with my grandparents in Japan.

My friend ordered the "Super Slow Stewed" Pork Kakuni Bowl.  A healthy serving of  the extra tender pork sat on top of a bowl of rice with green onions and nori sprinkled on top.  The order came with a bowl of miso soup, pickles and a little dish with japanese mayo with cod row just for the folks who like to eat their pork southern style.

The food was excellent and we capped off the lunch with their Almond Tofu for dessert.  The items on their menu range from $9~$14 with a Delux Bento for $16.  Most definitely going back for all their other items.


781 Denman St



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