Paul's Place

Lately, I have been eating out a little bit less but I still manage to get out to have brunch on the weekend. Paul's Place is a great breakfast spot in South Granville and was quite busy on both my recent visits.

For breakfast, I ordered the Denver Omelette (ham, onions, green peppers, and cheese)

The omelette was super tasty, and their home made hot sauce was off the hook, a nice extra treat. On my way out, I spotted a friend who was having a sandwich and I had to steal a fry. Those fat potato wedges with a crisp taste were perfect and made me go back to order a shrimp sandwich.

Give Paul's Place a try if you are looking for a nice omelette to start off your day. Meals are about 10 bucks.

Paul's Place Omelettery
2211 Granville Street
Vancouver BC