Every once and a while, my friends and I take a trip to the island to basically eat and drink. This weekend was no exception. The menu looked like this

Friday night - nachos with cheese, salsa, and sour cream. Two bottles of vodka and a lot of Okanagan Springs 1516 (beer).
Saturday - First meal - scrambled eggs, home fries, sausage, bacon (of course)
Dinner - 5 lb sack of mussels, 6 crabs, mushroom fried rice, chicken with herbs
Sunday - Fritata, potatoes, bacon, sausage.

One of the food highlights was the chicken that we got from Qualicum Beach. Our friend recommended this spot, which was basically a self serve shack at the front of the farm. The self serve concept was new to me, and was a clear exhibition of trust in the community, there was even a money bag filled with change if you needed it. The whole chicken was 21 dollars, a dozen large eggs was 4 bucks and the sausages were about 2 bucks a piece. The shack is generally unmanned but the farmer came out because us big city kids were taking pictures and he wanted to see what all the flashing lights were about. The farmer Dirk explained to us that he sends his chickens to slaughter 80 miles out and they are sold out of his shack here and to restaurants on the mainland such as Bishops and Fuel. Pretty cool to find a spot like this.

I got to make the mussels and I now know why they cost so much at the restaurant. The prep took a considerable amount of time, culling them, ripping off the beards, and then scrubbing them clean. The crab is easy.

We had a great weekend filled with shotgunning beers, eating amazing meals, rock band, and Pictionary. A couple people drank too much and had a rough night.


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