Any of my old roommates can tell you how much I love a buttery, grilled cheese sandwich. We would enjoy them together often. I visited one of my ex-roomies in her new hometown of Squamish, and it was only natural for us to go to Grilled Fromage, a diner specializing in grilled cheese sandwiches. Grilled Fromage's menu has 53 grilled sandwiches to choose from, with 25 different types of cheese, on white, mutigrain, rye or sourdough bread. Pretty much sounds like grilled cheese heaven.

The overall theme of the diner is cheesy, "The Cheesiest Place on Earth" to be exact, decor includes random memorabilia, toys, knick knacks, large ceramic figurines, and has booth seats upholstered with nostalgic cabin style animal wallpaper prints. The menu is displayed on the wall adjacent to the counter where you place your order (as well as on double sided laminated menus); sandwiches with clever names such as "The Missionary: butter and Kraft cheese singles on white bread", "Buffy: havarti with garlic sausage on multigrain" and "Popeye: edam, baby spinach and olives". Some names make more sense than others, but I would imagine it's pretty difficult to come up with clever names for over 50 sandwiches. It's almost overwhelming to choose which sandwich to go with.

My friend went for the Missionary ($4.90), and I played it somewhat safe and went for the "Sofa King: creamy havarti and more creamy havarti on multi-grain" ($8.90). You can also order ants on a log (celery stalks with cheese whiz and raisins) for 99¢; we didn't...really, that's a lot for celery with cheese whiz and ants. Other options include soups, chili, salads, and desserts. Our sandwiches came with cheetos (cute, yet random) and a small spinach salad with a tasty dressing. My sandwich was good, but not so good that I couldn't have just made it at home for waaaaaay less money and with even more havarti.

I think the concept of this place is a really good one, everyone loves grilled cheese sandwiches. It was really busy when we were in there! But, the prices are just too high for what you get. They should consider upgrading their sides: bigger salad, french fries, yam fries, etc. Or simply drop the price of the sandwiches. If you compare it to kids menus in restaurants that offer grilled cheese, you would pay $6 for a grilled cheese, fries/salad and a drink (ie. Boston Pizza's Kids Menu). Also, their most expensive sandwich, the "High Roller: smoked gruyere and lobster on multigrain", rings in at $15.90, whereas Joey's Lobster Grilled Cheese with atlantic lobster, brie & cheddar grilled cheese sandwich served with fries & cocktail sauce on the side comes to $14.99. Just saying. My other suggestion would be to offer people their choice of bread with whatever sandwich they order (I'm sure you can request it, it makes the menu more restrictive to have each sandwich paired with a particular bread)...I hope for that price, their bread comes from a local bakery :/


Grilled Fromage
38134 Cleveland Avenue
Squamish, BC


Gyromite said... @ January 23, 2010 at 12:52 AM

you even get cheese puffs. lol I remember I had a grilled cheese in NY at a Grilled cheese only restaurant.

It will be interesting to see how an all grilled cheese place does in a relatively small city.

Bushie said... @ April 5, 2010 at 9:56 AM

hay hayy. Thanks for the write-up! I appreciate any kind of suggestions and helps when it is coming from a seasoned grilled cheese lover like yourself.

Well, first off. The ants on a log were at that price because of the length of time it took the server to put the cheez whiz in the stick. ;)
The price of those have since been lowered.

All of the sandwiches have taken an average of a 2 dollar pay cut as well as offering 4 more sides to choose from.

Also, i believe you stopped at the diner in our first month of biz. Please stop back and see if our many changes have suited your cheesy palet!
have a gouda day!

Anonymous said... @ June 29, 2010 at 4:06 PM

We stopped at this place on the WE on a drive home from Whistler. It was an unexpected surprise. We loved the kitchiness of this restaurant..... imagine all the time it would take to collect all of that memorabilia ..... some of it really brought back great memories for me. My husband and I thought the sandwiches were fantastic..... it actually takes practice to know how to make a good grilled cheese sandwich. Can't wait to go back to try more.... and there's certainly a lot to choose from.

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