I just put my name down on the petition on nomealtax.ca. Since my parking invoice is going up 21% and I had to feed a parking meter after 8 pm yesterday, I might not be in the best mood to write this.

On a personal level I don't like my food getting taxed but I do appreciate what my taxes pay for. On the bigger scale, I do feel that low income families may want to eat out occasionally or get a coffee before work and will feel the impact from this tax. I assume why food and children's clothes were tax free were because they were considered necessity items. While food at your grocery store won't be affected by the HST, your coffee or pizza for the family will be. Why should the mom who buys her kid 300 dollar jeans not pay HST but the family who orders pizza for the kids be taxed?

My real issue with the HST is that the large corporations are going to benefit the most from this. The tax will be mostly felt by the consumer and the small business, while the savings will be from the big corporate chains. Our Scottish friend Ronald just got richer. We need to make the bigger companies pay more and support the smaller businesses and taxpayers.

You can tax my luxury things like airplane tickets, movie tickets, bicycles but leave my food, heat, and haircuts alone. I rather you not tax my bike, movie tickets or flights but if you have to.

I am not telling you what to do, but for me I don't like seeing a tax shift that benefits the big corporations and penalizes me, so I signed up for both nomealtax.ca and stophst.ca