Since I am out of town I wanted to line up some posts so the readership wouldn't die. I had some saved in draft but they seemed to have disappeared.

Regardless, here is the Part II to the popular Favourite Things Under $6.50. Still lots of things to add on there but I don't have photos of them yet.

Still missing
-Gyoza King potstickers
-Purdy's Ice Cream Bar
- plus more...

Check out the feature here

Matt (in India with a stomach ache)


The Fledgling Basement Foodie said... @ February 12, 2010 at 11:18 PM

Deep-fried milk? Wow! That is a culinary experience that I must have. I think Belgian Fries offers deep-fried Mars bars. Anyone tried those? I'm slightly afraid, as I feel my body would congeal into a syrupy glob almost on contact, robbing me of my bodily and brain functions. Am I right?
Another amazingly delicious, hot and fresh, and unique dish under $6.50: a sweet buckwheat crepe from the mobile La Boheme Creperie. They are many of the Vancouver Farmers' Markets locations year-round, including tomorrow at the WISE Hall! Ask for a Fig Jam & Goat Chevre crepe. It isn't actually on the menu, but one day, they didn't have ricotta cheese (the usual partner to the fig jam), we tried the chevre, and it was the perfect marriage of slightly tart creaminess and complex fruit texture and taste. Hot and tasty! And healthy too!

J-Free said... @ February 14, 2010 at 6:42 PM

Deep fried milk is awesome, it's like a milk custard almost congealed to a jello like texture before it's battered and deep fried. Deep fried Mars bars are great as well, had them from Mr. Pickwicks Fish & Chips, can't really mess them up. By itself it's a tough item to take but a nice scoop of ice cream balances it out well.

North Burnaby doesn't get much attention but these are my favourite cheap digs. $6.50 lunch specials at Garlic & Chili Szechuan which includes Hot & Sour or Wonton Soup. $2.50 House special salad roll at A Taste of Asia Vietnamese, spring roll wrapped in lettuce, wrapped with daikon and carrot, wrapped with a rice roll wrap, refreshing. $6.25 Onion Soup at Chez Meme Baguette Bistro, so good they don't need "French" in the title, even better add it to your baguette for $2. It's time for VS to expand!

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