Tomahawk Restaurant
There are period of times where my life consists of just twenty or so blocks and I don't end up getting out of the downtown core and neighbouring areas.    Well this time I took a trip to Edgemont Village to get a sandwich at La Galleria with a buddy but unfortunately they were closed.  Missed them by ten minutes.  So we needed a plan B.

My buddy was with a meat eater so we took a trip to Tomahawk Restaurant to eat a burger.  It has been a long time since I have made a trip out here and there has been some revamping of the menu.  As most would expect we both ordered a burger with fries.

I got the Chief Simon which is listed on their menu as "Organic ground beef patty, Yukon-style bacon, sautéed fresh mushrooms and aged cheddar cheese".   This bad boy was a good size, greasy, tasty and hot off the grill.   The price was about 12 bucks and will easily rival any burger establishment (Veras, Moderne, Fat Burger) .

If you ever make your way out to North Vancouver and you have a hankering for a burger, Tomahawk is the place to go.

Tomahawk Restaurant
1550 Philip Ave
North Vancouver