As a kid when I would travel to the states with my folks and my mall food of choice would be Ivars, Skippers and cheese steaks.  I can't think of many cheese steak places in Vancouver but my friend heard about my craving directed me to a Bob's Submarine Sandwiches.

Bob's Submarine Sandwiches is a little mom and pop joint in Richmond off No 3 Road.  The sandwich to get is the steak and pepperoni.  For about 6 bucks you get a six inch sub with a layer a steak, a stack of fried pepperoni, cheese, shredded lettuce and tomato.  The hype part is that they grill the steak so the sandwich is hot and gooey.

If you are out in Richmond and you are not craving the asian food, take a stop at Bob's sandwiches and get yourself a pepperoni and steak sub.

Bob Submarine Sandwiches
6390 No 3 Road Richmond