The Apron

Sometimes I get lucky and I get invited to try out new restaurants; it is really nice to get something after all these years of blogging.

I went to a restaurant named the Apron which was located in the Richmond, Westin Hotel. The interior was simple, modern and nice. Sitting down it definitely didn't feel like fine dining but more like a bistro. Boy was I in for a surprise. We were greeted by the chef named Hamid Salimian who explained that were we going to try items from the summer menu in which no dish was over $25.

The meal was nothing like anything I ever had in this city. It was a true gastronomic journey. Each and every dish was delicately thought out with strict attention to detail. The scallops, lobster, lamb and oysters were all delicious but the highlights for me were the following:

- Apron's take on popcorn shrimp which was a small bowl of spot prawns with smoked steelhead roe (the smokey flavour of the roe was insane) topped with crumbled bits of popcorn that created an amazing texture

- Puffed foie gras which I am still unsure how he puffed or aerated it. Fluffing up the duck liver really cuts the richness of this food.

- English Pea soup (mint croutons, tyrol bacon and a buttermilk bubble) this was a sound clash of flavours that blew my mind away. The buttermilk bubble was an example of Chef Hamid's passion for molecular gastronomy, where he created this little packet of buttermilk that you can bounce around and break open to unleash the flavour to the rest of the soup.

- White chocolate and kalamansi - I am not too familiar with the kalamansi fruit but this thing was coated in a layer of white chocolate and surrounded by a mound of finely powdered white chocolate. Its best to toss in into your mouth and chomp down on it to unleash a flood of flavourful juices.

We were fortunate to have the chef come out and explain each and every dish and detail where he sourced his product from. It was impressive to hear that the chef knew exactly what vessel caught his fish rather than hear him say some major distribution company supplies it.

The images and the video show our meals but we were told that they were just tasting portions (half the size or missing starches). After looking at the prices I found them all to be more than fair, and in some cases incredible value considering the craftsmanship and quality of the ingredients.

If you are a food lover, and enjoy dining out as an experience and not just sustenance then this is a must visit for you. Eating this meal I couldn't believe that I was in Vancouver, it felt like one of those restaurants you book months in advance for your next vacation to New York, LA or Europe. I know I am repeating myself here but if you appreciate craftsmanship, creativity and attention to detail when dining out then plan a visit to the Apron and ask if Chef Hamid will come out and say hi.

Sherman from Shermansfoodadventures was also at this dinner and you can see his review on his site shortly.

The Apron
Located in the Westin Wall Centre, Vancouver Airport
3099 Corvette Way
Richmond, BC
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The Menu Below

Kushi oyster
in a garden Yuzu cloud

Popcorn shrimp
British Columbia side spot prawn, smoked steel head roe

Beef tartar and crisp tendon
Pickled shallot, egg yolk

English pea soup - $9
Mint croutons, buttermilk, Tyrol bacon

Puffed foie gras - $17
Sour cherry fluid jelly, port , beet, brioche

Scallops - $16
Spiced basmati rice, pineapple, coconut curry froth

Lobster - $17
Yukon golden gnocchi, morel, parmesan crisp
Lobster emulsion

Pacific Provider salmon - $24
Provencal tart, apron chorizo, sunchoke
Coriander vinaigrette

Queen charlotte sable fish - $25
Navy bean cassoulet, squid, fennel
Red bell pepper

Slow cooked lamb shank - $25
Sweet bread foie gras sausage, cipollini onion , whipped carrot
Natural jus

Pre dessert
White chocolate and Kalamansi - $10

Sous vide apricot tart - $10
Babes honey ice cream, rose water marshmallow, Almond & Hazelnut soil



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Lucy said... @ June 3, 2010 at 11:09 PM

I love the video! I haven't been on your site for awhile, but it just gets better and better :)

Sherman said... @ June 5, 2010 at 9:49 AM

Thanks for the shout out! Nice meeting you for dinner!

Anonymous said... @ June 6, 2010 at 12:49 PM

My fiancee and I have had the privilege (nay, sheer ecstasy) of sampling the tasting menu at the apron restaurant. Your description is spot on, if not a little understated (mind you, I don't have a food blog, nor do I visit restaurants of this caliber - if they exist - very often). I was blown away with the thought and whimsy of each course, and even each component of each course. If I could imagine a meal in "Wonderland", then this would be it. I left "wonderstruck" at the talent of Chef Hamid whose creative genius and flawless execution, is something to behold and forevermore relived with euphoria.

Anonymous said... @ June 7, 2010 at 9:24 PM

Is that Sherman in the video?

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