I heard from friends that Pings was sold and that it had been bought out by the group that owns Pied A Terre, and La Buca.   I am actually not sure if Pings was purchased or if the Cafeteria just took over their lease, either way what was once Pings is now The Cafeteria.

The interior went through a quick revamp.  New lights, re upholstered seating, newly stained chairs and some large menu boards that represent the theme Cafeteria.  I personally miss some of the Pings decor but there is nothing wrong with the way Cafeteria looks, and I am quite happy that I didn't have to wait behind a curtain like I have to at La Buca.

The menu was short and we were told that an item or two may change daily.   Our tabled ordered the mushroom risotto (11.5 for the appetizer size, and 17 for the meal size), lobster tortellini (18.5) and the duck breast (19.5).

We all were very happy with our meals.  The lobster which worried me when the server mentioned that it was only three tortellini was impressive in size.  The tortellini were large and packed with lobster which made the meal a good deal even considering the super low market price of lobster.   The duck breast was also delicious.  Not fatty or rich, and cooked just right.  The mushroom risotto I found very tasty as well and contained a good variety of mushrooms. A friend leaving the restaurant had mentioned it was only so so,  but everyone at our table enjoyed it.

The La Buca / Pied A Terre group seems to know how to hit the ground running.  Cafeteria is a great little spot and in the 5 days that it has been open seems to have all the bugs worked out.

2702 Main Street
Vancouver BC
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lyndsay said... @ June 26, 2010 at 11:48 PM

i was so surprised to see that Pings was gone too... seemed like an instant! sad to see one of our unique food spots go, but Cafeteria looks great too... at least it wasn't replaced by a canadian chain donut/coffee joint and it seems like a cool new spot... looking forward to trying it.

Anonymous said... @ June 30, 2010 at 4:19 PM

Great spot, definitely worth a visit. Best place on main to eat IMHO.

Anonymous said... @ July 5, 2010 at 1:42 AM

I'm so glad the La Buca group opened another restaurant. Their product is always very solid and fresh. I'd much rather have them open restaurant after restaurant than another Glowbal group place with derivative, inconsistent food.

Anonymous said... @ August 22, 2010 at 2:34 PM

I love La Buca and Pied a Terre and frequent both restaurants. I was hoping this new spot would live up to those standards and was sorely mistaken. The food is okay, but portions are too small for the price you're paying. I ordered the salmon with gnocchi and got three pieces of gnocchi. My friend had the veal schnitzel and it was completely dry and tasteless. Add to this the fact that they don't take reservations and it's a waste of money AND time.
The one bright spot in this dismal visit was the upbeat staff that were constantly apologizing for, well, everything. I wouldn't be surprised if this place ended up going the same route as Parkside (closure) after the initial buzz wears off.

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