To help raise money and awareness for Variety, a children's charity, a few chefs went head to head in an all-out brunch battle, no holds barred: Eric Edwards from Tigh-Na-Mara Seaside; Todd Boyer from Stella's; Sylvain Cuerrier from the River Rock; Chris Whittaker from O'Douls; Wayne Harris from the Shangri-La; Scott Kidd from Lift; and Oliver Beckert from the Four Seasons.

Each set up a station and dished out one or two plates. Eggs were featured heavily, cholesterol counts temporarily skyrocketing for those (read: me) intent on finishing all that was offered. Competition was stiff, no mercy was shown, the chefs as intense as Stallone in Over the Top.

In the end, Tigh-Na-Mara won with the only station that didn't serve eggs, serving up a spinach salad with scallops, and an amazing sweet potato waffle with a Okanagan peach compote and roast almonds.

Variety raises funding for children and their families, offering financial assistance for medical emergencies, expensive treatments or medication, and specialized equipment. The charity also led campaigns to build medical facilities like the BC Children's Hospital, and funds the building of child development centres with special care nurseries, all without government funding.