I grew up during the sushi boom and witnessed an abnormal number of sushi spots opening up in Vancouver .  In less than one year, I went from having only one option for sushi in my neighbourhood to having five.   The one argument that I often heard from my friends was to avoid certain sushi restaurants because the owners weren't Japanese.  I am not sure if these people actually thought the food was inferior or they just felt better that Japanese people were serving them Japanese food.  I guess it made the meal more authentic to them.  I never asked them if they only ordered Bic Macs from Scottish people.

I tend to find Japanese owned sushi restaurants are better.  Maybe they know how to cut the sashimi with greater precision, or maybe they have extra keen senses that ensure great quality or maybe they have a secret recipe for the sushi rice.  Either way I often follow the sterotype that sushi restaurants and TV manufacturers are better if they are operated by Japanese people.

A new local spot call Yanaki opened up near my house and it is Korean owned.  I am not in love with the sushi here but one of the things that Koreans know how to do well is how to cook their beef.  My favourite dish here and the reason that I go to Yanaki  is their extremely flavourful teriyaki beef.  On this visit I ordered the teriyaki combo which contains a small salad, a small roll (yam tempura), various tempura pieces (prawn, bean, sweet potato, zucchini), and beef teriyaki on rice with sprouts for about ten bucks.  Or you can get the donburi version for 7 bucks.

If you ever have a hankering for some good teriyaki beef stop by Yanaki.

Speaking of stereotypes, check out this article in the Vancouver Sun.  WTF - This is a blog, I am allowed to say stupid things but I don't think the Vancouver Sun should be writing articles about this stuff.

Yanaki Sushi
816 West 6th Ave
Vancouver, BC
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BigMixedAsianChic said... @ July 11, 2010 at 12:42 AM

A quote from the Sun article: Generally, Lee joins many others in maintaining that Metro Vancouver, compared with other major cities in North America and Europe, "is the hardest place to get a date for anyone."

That's so funny, after this guy says people are just making excuses about the White Man taking their women (snicker), he then makes some other lame ass excuse.

Aren't most Japanses restaurants not run by Japanese people? And not all Japanese-run restaurants serve good sushi.

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