We have all heard about the city of Vancouver trying to be more street.  Not street like Step Up 2 but street in the fact they are launching a pilot program that will allow 17 more street food locations.  The draw was held by lottery and anyone who was submitting another hot dog cart was denied.

Here are the winners.  The winner has to get their operation up and running by the 31st or else the alternate gets a chance to step up.

Food Cart 2010 Lottery Backgrounder

Winners marked with a W, Alternates marked with an A (see below)

DT54 – East Side of 200 Howe St – 100 metres North of W Cordova St
(W) Wong, To Choi - Chinese Dim Sum
(A) Simkin, Karen
DT55 – South Side of 400 W Georgia St – 12 metres East of Richards St
(W) Lee, Yong Sook – Korean food with meat and vegetarian options
(A) Emmott, Jenny
DT57 – North Side of 700 W Cordova St – 14 metres East of Howe St
(W) Revuelta Cue, Arturo – Burritos, whole wheat, rice, beans, sauces, fillings
(A) Dhanoa, Bobby
DT58 – East Side of 700 Homer St – 20 metres South of W Georgia St
(W) Yong, Ming Cheak - chicken salad with lettuce, tomato. Fruit cup with melon, kiwi and mixed fruit.
(A) Liu, Hang
DT59 – East Side of 700 Hornby St – 22 metres South of W Georgia St
(W) Kaisaris, Michael – Southern BBQ, Rice, Veggies
(A) Te, Richard
DT60 – South Side of 700 W Georgia St – 20 metres West of Granville St
(W) Li, Hongyu – Traditional Chinese and Japanese Cuisine
(A) Te, Maria
DT61 – South Side of 900 W Hastings St – 24 metres East of Burrard St
(W) Fang, Emily – Skewers of beef and pork
(A) Chow, Benson
DT62 – West Side of 1100 Burrard St – 28 metres South of Helmcken St
(W) Samaei Motlag, Babak - Greek Donair
(A) Jalalzada, Mohammad
DT63 – West Side of 1100 Burrard St – 25 metres North of Davie St
(W) Yeo, Allan - Modern Satay Barbeque
(A) Thomas, Regina
EB03 – South Side of 2000 Beach Av – 30 metres West of Chilco St
(W) Zhao, Mei Liing – Fresh squeezed Lemonade
(A) Rowles, Sharon
GM20 – East Side of 600 Granville St – 50 metres North of W Georgia St
(W) Ip, Derek – Fresh Bakery
(A) Horsley, Melissa
GM21 – West Side of 600 Granville St – 95 metres North of W Georgia St
(W) Rodgers, Katie – Healthy meals & snacks, roll ups, sandwiches
(A) Kirpik, Berkan
OD16 – East Side of 6400 Cambie St – 20 metres North of W 49th Ave
(W) Yien, Alan – speciality noodles
(A), Rieche, Fraser
OD19 – East Side of 1300 Main St – 12 metres North of Terminal Ave
(W) St. Denis, Jean Francois - Falafel
(A) Lurtz, Cedric
C1 - West Side of 1100 Station St, or West Side of 400 Burrard St
(W) Morra, Giorgio – Authentic Italian stone ground pizza
(A) Charach, Michael
C2 - West Side of 1200-1300 Arbutus St, or North Side of 1000 W Georgia St
(W) Duprey, David – Fresh & frozen fruits, chocolate dipped fruits
(A) Chan, Calvin
C3 - West Side of 1400 NW Marine Dr, or East Side of 800 Hornby St
(W) Kosmowski, Roman – Central European foods from Poland, Russia, using local organic products, borscht, schnitzel, kosher
(A) Edra, Imee

I am pretty stoked to try some of these places out, especially the southern BBQ, and the dim sum (I also am stoked about Step Up 3. )  I wonder if Japadog is going to lose some traffic.   Speaking of Japadog, did you hear the news.

Full press release on the street food is here.