In this summer heat, there are better ways to preserve your fluids than refusing to pee. Here's a quick list, in no particular order, of our favorite drinks in the blistering heat:

1. the Kalamansi spritzer ($3.75) at Thomas Haas (128 - 998 Harbourside Drive, North Vancouver) - tart but citrus-y, the kalamansi lime is a gentle tweak on the usual lemon spritzer. Enjoy it while ogling the desserts in the display case behind (their sandwiches are great too).

2. the Agua Frescas ($3.99) at Whole Foods: made daily in an assortment of flavours, with a good solid taste of mint in the mojito agua fresca. Go to the West Vancouver location; the agua frescas at the Cambie Street location are in desperate need of a strainer.

3. fresh watermelon juice with pearls ($5.00, an additional $0.50 for the pearls/grass jelly) at Dash (1239 Pacific Blvd): there are plenty of bubble tea places in town, but this new Yaletown joint gives you the option of foregoing the usual sugar concoctions. Get them to hold the sweetener and enjoy the watermelon on its own...with or without the pearls. Try it also with grass jelly, made from a mint-related herb rather than lawn, which is purportedly a cooling agent.

4. the ginger beer with toasted coconut juice and lemon ($5.50) at Maenam (1938 West 4th Avenue): house made ginger beer has gained prevalence around town in the past couple of years, the quality (read: ginger content) varying drastically from place to place. Maenam's version, with the added coconut juice, is one of the good ones.

5. the unsweetened Nobo wholefruit iced tea ($2.65) at Coo Coo Coffee (477 Davie Street): a simple, unsweetened iced tea of an assortment of berries, hibiscus and other flowers.

What drinks are on your list? Let us know in the comments.



Alicia said... @ July 11, 2010 at 12:57 PM

The sorrelade at Calabash Bistro. Sparkling hibiscus, ginger and citrus. It's even garnished with a pineapple wedge!

Jackie said... @ July 16, 2010 at 3:00 PM

Nice. Good call on the Maenam ginger beer. The bar manager there makes incredible non-alcoholic drinks with fresh fruits. I'm always on the lookout for quality homeade ginger beer, so I'll be sure to check this out.

The Alibi room has a nice blueberry beer on tap right now that I tried last night. Weak on the hops side but fun (looks like Kool-Aid) and refreshing. Follow it up with the R & B cask IPA. Good times.

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