Sweet Obsession
In my teen years I used to go take girls to True Confections which was a really long ass drive from my place in Coquitlam.  It was one of the only late night dessert spots in the city and oddly enough it was always packed with asians.  Where were the other kids?  Probably doing something cooler than me.

Now, I am double that age and I am even nerdier.  Instead of jumping over sharks  (I tried to think of the coolest thing someone could do and this episode of Happy Days came to mind) I am still going to late night dessert places but this time I am taking pictures of my food.  I think I stepped up my nerd quotient.

The good thing is I got a better spot for late night dessert.  Sweet Obsessions is a dessert spot tucked away from the main drag that serves an amazing selection of dessert and at a reasonable price.  Our group of six ordered a variety of items and there was not an unhappy face in the crowd.  The lemon cake, carrot cake, zuccotto, and dolce de leche all knocked everyones socks off.  Not too sweet and not overly rich.  Each cake was priced at about $5.95 per slice and the selection was massive.

If you are tired or need a break from jumping over sharks come join me for a cake at Sweet Obsessions.

Sweet Obsessions
2611 West 16th Ave
Vancouver BC
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