La Belle Patate
When I think of a poutine I think of stumbling down Davie Street drunk grabbing a piece of pizza at Numero Uno and then waiting in line at Fritz.   I have now been spending some Saturdays at the Bayside Lounge (Vancouver's best kept secret) and my buddy drove by a placed called La Belle Patate which was still open after the bar.  When we stepped in, we found out that they serve my favourite after the bar meal, poutine.

I was too drunk to really gauge that visit so I visited again, this time sober.  The reviews on urbanspoon have numerous favorable likes for this place but I needed to check if those people can be trusted, some people love everything.   La Belle Patate is licensed (I wonder when they stop serving beer) serves over 30 types of poutine, and the nice thing is that there is available seating (no more standing on the street and eating). We ordered a couple of poutines to try which ran us about ten dollars a piece.  The breakfast poutine which came with fried egg, and the smoked meat version was topped with montreal smoked meat and onions.

The price for the poutine was not cheap ranging around 10 dollars for the medium size, but the portions are massive (enough for two or three people).  I just noticed that GoodNews.com has a great deal at La Belle Patate where for 5 dollars you get 10 dollars worth of poutine, a perfect excuse to try this place out. GoodNews.com is Vancouver’s socially conscious daily deal site that not only offers great deals for local restaurants, they also donate 10% of all their sales to a local cause.   

Breaking the poutine down to its three major components here are our thoughts.  The gravy which was wheat based lacked the salty flavour that I was used to in meat gravy, however it did allow for the extra toppings to be the hero of the poutine (the taste of the gravy reminded me of Zakos for those who like their poutine).  There is a chicken gravy option which I would have loved to tried but didn't find out about until I was walking out the door.  The fries were on par with most other poutine establishments in the city and the cheese curds were tasty and squeaky (confirming authenticity).  I usually ask for light gravy so my fries stay crispy and I believe all fresh cut fries should be double fried (I don't think that these were double fried).

Both of our poutines were good and I was surprised that the egg and gravy made for a tasty combination.  I must say the price is  on the high side but it equates to the size of the portion you receive.   We ended up with poutine to take home but how good is a poutine the next day?  One thing I can say is that this  poutine is authentic and the hero's behind this dish are the toppings.  

La Belle Patate
1215 Davie Street
Vancouver, BC

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I guess the real question is La Belle Patate better than Fritz? I would put them on the same level, both with their weaknesses and strengths.  La Belle Patate wins for their cheese curds but Fritz in my opinion has them on the gravy.  If you eat at La Belle Patate make sure you share a poutine and that should make it the same price point as Frtiz.