One of my childhood favourites was the happy meal until I found out there was a something called the Pirate Pak.  I never knew it was spelt 'Pak', kinda looks like how a hip hop emcee would write pack when he was making his lyrics.

On August 18, White Spot is celebrating the legendary Pirate Pak meal during its third annual Pirate Pak Day and for the first time ever, guests of any age will have the opportunity to be a kid for a day and order a special edition 'Adult Pak.'

White Spot is raising money to send kids with serious medical conditions to Zajac Ranch for Children for an unforgettable summer camp experience - http://www.zajacranch.com/whitespot.htm. On August 18, $2 from the sale of each Pirate Pak will help fund White Spot Week at Zajac Ranch.


All Adult Pirate Paks include creamy coleslaw and ‘endless’ fries, plus a soft drink, our famous chocolate coin and a scoop of creamy ice cream in a fun cardboard boat.
Legendary Burger
I love White Spot burgers, and I don't mind eating with a cardboard boat in front of me either.  So I am there.

PS - Let's get White Spot to bring back the strawberry shortcake!!!!!!!!!