Not quite in Vancouver but on Vancouver Island.  Tofino to be exact and so worthy of a post.  Why?  Because Tacofino could possibly be the best mexican, or at least the best fish tacos in BC!  Tacofino is food truck that parks itself just behind LIVE TO SURF surf shop on the coastal highway on your way to Tofino.  

They have a pretty healthy size menu for a food truck with some options for burritos, tacos and gringas......but I've yet to explore all the variations.  I've been stuck on the Fish Tacos and the Tuna Tacos.  It's hard to stray away from what you know is so damn good!  All the items are freshly prepared on the truck and served with a friendly smile.  

My friend tried the Gringas and he is stuck on them.  What is a Ginga?  Well, my friend best describes them as a marriage of a Taco and a Grilled Cheese Sandwich.  The drinks are served mexican style as well. The Freshies are crushed ice drinks which are perfect as an apres surf refreshment.  Lemon-Ginger, yes!

If you're lucky enough to visit Tacofino on a day they are serving their Diablo Chocolate Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches, you must drop in for one!  Two homemade rich chocolate cookies sandwiching 2-3 inches of creamy vanilla ice cream.  Do it!

located behind Live to Surf


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