Longs Noodle House
I was referred to this place from a friend and with some research I have learned that this place isn't a secret and I deserve a late pass.  Long's Noodle House is a very popular for Shanghainese cuisine which was confirmed by the small line in the restaurant.

Xiao Long bao ($6) is one of my favourite Shanghainese dishes and serves as a barometer for me when I try new places.  Long's xiao long bao was amazing, and is easily the soupiest soup bun I have ever had.  Soo much soup that your gear is in trouble or you might be burning your mouth.

We also got the pan fried dumplings which were also one of the highlights of the meal.
The beef roll came next and this bad boy made my night.  The in house made thin crispy shell was unique and the addition of the cilantro was welcomed, it really added to the flavour of this dish.

Their wine chicken which is one of their signature dishes, was good but for me the rice wine was a little too strong of a flavour.   I needed something fried so we ordered the yellow fish wrapped in seaweed which was plentiful and tasty (pictured above - $13).

The atmosphere is not amazing but fits what you would expect from a hole in wall Chinese restaurant.  Also worth noting that this place has the most charismatic Chinese person that I have ever met.  She made the experience funny and enjoyable.

Bottom Line
This place is the hype spot for the dumplings, beef rolls and the xiau long bao.

Long's Noodle House
4853 Main Street