By now, most of you already know our affinity for Re-Up BBQ.  I appreciate the singularity in their meat heavy vision, enough so that I wrote this bit about them (and a bit more about other places) for an upcoming piece in Granville magazine about our favorite spots around town:

I enjoy meticulousness, particularly when it borders on near obsession. So when people pursue their craft relentlessly, like in a crazy Brian Wilson sand-in-the-living-room kind of way, I dig the romanticism of it. There’s a few places in town that remind me of this.

Re Up, the new Southern barbecue cart behind the Vancouver Art Gallery, is a great example of how one type of food can become a lifestyle. When you ponder the worship people lavish on barbecue, it’s no surprise that a guy like Chester Carey can devote his life towards smoking meats and beer (Carey is a cicerone – a sommelier for beer – and teaches the Serious Beer course at the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts), and you can taste that level of sacrifice in their pulled pork sandwich.
Apparently the Re-Up folk have other things on their mind as well: doing good and offering you a chance to as well.  On October 28, 2010, the folks at GoodNews.com are offering a $1 pulled pork sandwich from Re-Up (regularly $6.75), with the proceeds finding their way to the BC Children's Hospital.  That's great news, and yours truly will try to find every which way to end up at said hospital for treatment for all the blocked arteries I'll have from ingesting as many Re-Up sandwiches as humanly possible.