The origin of the falafel is highly debated.   Israel claims the falafel as it's national food and that the bible lists the ingredients (not the food) as foods of the Hebrews.   The Palestinians will state that the falafel was stolen from them and its origins belongs to them.  To me it doesn't matter if it is from Egypt/Palestine or  Israel but it probably matters to them that it is sometimes called the Hot Dog from the Middle East and sometimes served with french fries.    

I used to rave about Nuba's falafel until I found Abdul's.  At the bottom of Crystal Mall which is known for their amazing Asian food court sits this middle eastern spot named Abdul's.  I walked in and ordered a falafel for $5.50 and the man behind the counter warned me that it will take about ten minutes.   I watched the man form balls out of chickpeas using a spoon and this weird metal device that could be called an ice cream scooper from the Middle East.  He fried them up and wrapped them up with lettuce, pickled vegetables and hot sauce.  

The atmosphere is bad enough that you would only want to order take out but the falafels are made fresh which happens at very few Vancouver establishments.  I felt the wrap was generous in portion and tasted fantastic although he put a little too much hot sauce.  So if you feel like something other than asian food in Crystal Mall, go to Abdul's BBQ and Shawarma.  I still need to find a falafel or donair spot that will put fries in my wrap.

Abdul's BBQ and Shawarma
4500 Kingsway,

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Ian watts said... @ November 1, 2010 at 1:18 AM

You should try his beef shawarma it is quite superbly delicious and the best beef shawarma I have had. Also worth mentioning he only uses halal products. Even If you're not religious it means cleaner food

Anonymous said... @ November 1, 2010 at 11:54 AM

To say that Halal (or Kosher for that matter) means "cleaner food" is nonsense.....all it means that religious tax has been paid...

Anonymous said... @ November 24, 2010 at 1:37 AM

Abdul is Burnaby's best...a killer lamb shawarma. Buddy's got three gorgeous spits of meat.

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