I have a blender that I got at London Drugs and it only comes out of the cupboard once in a blue moon so I never thought that I would need or use a high end blender.   One day my friend brought over the Cadillac of blenders and schooled me about the upper echelons of the blender world.    

From what I was told the two kings of the blender world are the Blendtec blender and the Vitamix blender both ranging in the way too much money range (The Blendtec is $650 and the Vitamix is $450).  I couldn't really fathom spending over 100 bucks on a blender but a couple of my friends (one owns the Blendtec and one owns the Vitamix) stand fully behind their blenders (I also have friends that swear by the robot vacuums if that says anything).  Based on their logic, if you make a smoothie a day and prefer to drink your meals these things easily pay for themselves.   

My lifestyle hasn't required me to be drinking kale on a daily basis but if I ever get to that point I may have to consider purchasing these machines or at least a Magic Bullet.   The one thing that did blow me away is that these blenders can make ice cream.  I thought it was a lie because I thought ice cream required a cold metal container and some freezing but somehow this blender can make ice cream without a freezer (they can cheat science).  I need to look into the science behind this but somehow this $500 motor makes ice cream in under a minute.  Pretty awesome!!!!!

Side note, is Cadillac still the appropriate barometer for quality?  What are people saying lately?



Colene said... @ October 25, 2010 at 12:54 PM

I'm a vitamix owner and love it. I make smoothies with it mostly but have made ice cream...definitely a hit!

vancouverdrives.com said... @ October 25, 2010 at 2:20 PM

You know what I need to get? Is a good automatic cheese grater! I've damaged a few blenders throwing in a block of cheese!

lyndsay said... @ October 25, 2010 at 6:36 PM

blender-made ice cream eh?? crazy. i'd like to try that. as it is we have too many appliances! the latest being a very excellent panini grill thingie. i do love smoothies though.

i am pretty sure "cadillac of...(insert thing)" is still appropriate. though maybe texting internetspeak childrentweens won't understand?

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