I saw a couple of signs for Chronic Tacos near my place and was instantly curious about this chain.  The signage confused me.  It had a pseudo grafitti look to it and I wasn't sure if they were pedaling drugs or tacos or weed tacos.

After some Wiki research it appears this place is a popular US chain and has affiliations to the crew from Jackass.  The website makes me laugh (www.eatchronictacos.com) where you are instantly greeted with a Chronic Tacos rap that sounds like something from A Lighter Shade of Brown and pictures of some hot gals rocking the colours of Mexico.

Walking into this place I was happily surprised.  The Broadway location is large, has a bar stacked with both hard liquor and beer, 8 large screen TVs playing sports and they were playing some serious dance hall beats.  Chronic Tacos offers an interesting concept, fast line prepared food served fresh however the environment promotes more of a sit down atmosphere.

In general the tacos were solid but what really impressed me was the beer battered shrimp taco (under 4 bucks).   I love deep fried things and so the concept of putting deep fried shrimp in a taco is guaranteed to make me happy.  Imagine deep fried shrimp, cabbage,  cheese, salsa, on corn tortilla.    Such a great idea, and i'll will be coming back soon to get the bigger version (burrito version 7 bucks) and watch some soccer on the big screen.

The fish / shrimp tacos are where its at.

Chronic Tacos
382 W Broadway
Vancouver, BC
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