It has been said by many that one of the best party DJs is Jazzy Jeff.  To most of you he is known as the guy that gets thrown out of the mansion on the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, but he is much more.  Jazzy Jeff is listed in the DMC Hall of Fame and has been credited with inventing the chirp scratch and making the transformer scratch an essential tool in the DJs arsenal.   Outside of the movies Ali, Six Degrees of Separation and the Pursuit of Happiness,  Jazzy Jeff gave Will Smith credibility (at least in the early years).

Somehow I am going to tie this back to food.  

I met with Jazzy Jeff a few times and at one point wanted to bring him in to play at a big party I was throwing.   So I got his rider.   One of the issues with booking hip hop acts was dealing with their posse, so many flights to cover.   I wish I could tell him to bring Mad Skillz and leave the rest at home.
Some of the rider was standard fare but there were also some items that really stood out, specifically the gum.   Check it out (in my later conversations with him he said he removed the gum from the rider because people kept asking if there were some flavours he liked more than others).

§  TRAVEL:  Jeff will travel with three people (unless otherwise specified) for a total of four passengers per trip/gig.  One (1) ticket will be first/business class and three (3) tickets will be coach class tickets, all via non-stop flights.  Optional buyout available, fee negotiable.

§  ACCOMODATIONS:  Jeff and travel companions are to stay in a 5-Star hotel with 24-hour room service. A minimum of four spacious rooms/suites is required with a scenic view. Optional buyout available, fee negotiable.

§  Meals:  Jeff and companions will be provided with dinner on the day of the event, or provided with a Per Diem (negotiable) for meals.

§  GROUND TRANSPORTATION:  Either a sedan, large SUV, or limousine (all with driver), must be provided for entire stay. Optional buyout, fee negotiable.

2 (two) Technics 1200 turntables in excellent condition set up on sturdy surface upon concrete slabs to absorb vibration
2 (two) Pioneer CDJ-1000 CD turntables
1 (one) Pioneer EFX 500
1 (one) Vestax 0.7 Pro Mixer or Rane TTM 56 with new crossfader
2 Monitors (very loud)
1 Table for record boxes 
2 Cordless microphones
1 Dim gooseneck lamp to provide adequate light for records
Reserved or VIP area

1 Gallon of Orange Juice (no pulp)

1 Dozen 12 oz. Bottles of spring water

1 Gallon of Cranberry Juice
2 packs of bubble gum (Bubblicious, Bubble Yum, or Hubba Bubba) any flavor
10 dry face towels
Bar tab or drink tickets

You can also download the Jazzy Jeff Mick Boogie Mix here