(Nardwuar, second from the right, with Franz Ferdinand and The Cribs)

If you're looking for an in-depth introduction to Nardwuar the Human Serviette, then this blog probably isn't for you.  The man is a Canadian institution, as integral to our national fabric as maple syrup, poutine or Old Dutch ketchup chips.  Getting interviewed by Nardwuar probably ranks up there with Weird Al parodies as a sign that you've made it.  Here's his picks:

1) The Tomahawk BBQ (1550 Phillip Ave, North Vancouver )

The longest running restaurant in the Vancouver Area, the Tomahawk is known for the Skookum Chief Burger, which is three meals in one! Bacon and Egg for Breakfast; Hot dog for lunch; and Meat and Cheese for Dinner! All in one burger! Bryan Adams once washed dishes at the Tomahawk, which has hosted everyone from Bill Gates to Playboy Playmates to Punk Rock Bands to Olympic Athletes! Alot of history has been erased in Vancouver but the Tomahawk lives on! Here is a video of me having an eating contest with the band Southern Culture on the Skids at the Tomahawk:

2) Gorilla Food (436 Richards, Vancouver)

An amazing cool Raw Food place run by the Beastie Boys ex-chef! Pretty much the exact opposite of the Tomahawk! The Gorilla Food hamburger has no meat or bun but uses lettuce as the bun! ! Here is a video of me interviewing the band No Age over lunch at Gorilla Food:

3) Budgie's Burritos (44 Kingsway, Vancouver) and Chronic Tacos (382 W. Broadway, Vancouver)

I love both of these places for their great Mexican food which is really somewhat hard to get in Vancouver. Plus Budgie's Burritos even has had punk gigs in their store!!

Doot doola doot doo ... doot doo!