Christian Flores is one of the editors of Vancouver music blog Winnie Cooper (winniecooper.net). He’s also a founding partner and resident deejay at No More Strangers (nomorestrangers.ca), a weekly night at The Cobalt showcasing local and out of town music acts and deejays.

Guu Gastown – The easy and obvious choice, Guu has always been consistent. It’s my comfort food and hands down the first place you think of when you want to take out-of-towners somewhere for dinner. Ebi mayo, kimchi pork bibimbap, maguro tataki are some of my faves.  Also, giant beers for getting happy.

Finch’s Tea & Coffee House – The best sandwiches in Vancouver are at Finch’s.  They care about every part of the sandwich from the bread, the meat, the cheese, to the dressing.  Even the brown paper and twine packaging make it feel like the sandwich is a gift or some kind of special parcel you can eat. The décor is cozy too making it a great place to have some tea and lunch.  I recommend the pear, blue brie and prosciutto with walnuts.

La Taqueria – If you hate tacos then we probably can’t be friends.  I’ve had some of the most amazing tacos at a roadside mom & pop stand in Mexico, and the tacos at La Taqueria are the closest thing we have to being there.  I especially like the carnitas (pork) tacos and the pescado (fish) tacos with some horchata.

I like eating and I also like these:  Banana Leaf has some amazing laksa, Nuba’s Najib’s special is delicious, Sun Sui Wah’s dim sum, Diamond has good olives, cassoulet brunch at Café Medina rules, and the wings at Phnom Penh are rad.  kthxbai!